Market Umbrella

Annual Report 2015-2016

We believe in producing tangible benefits for consumers, producers, and the communities that host them.
We have developed programs that can help grow markets, adapt to changing circumstances, and manage the challenges that arise.

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Meet Me at the Market
Kids programs

Meet Me at the Market is an outreach program that combines lessons in local ecology, economics, and community with the fun and excitement of the market. Through field trips and tours, we showcase how hardworking families produce the food we eat.

680+ New Orleans elementary school students were
introduced to new fruits and vegetables, seasonality and
nutrition concepts, and the benefits of eating locally

635+ students have received a take home bag filled
with local fruits and vegetables

635+ students have been introduced to a farmer

500+ students identify nutrition concepts
and benefits of eating locally

Farmers Market
Prescription Program

We know fruits and vegetables are the gateway to healthy living, which is why we launched the Farmers Market Prescription Program (FMRx). We work with clinics to issue Farmers Market prescription vouchers, redeemable for fruits and vegetables grown by local farmers. Currently, over 240 New Orleanians are enrolled in the program.

862 overweight, obese, at-risk and diabetic patients
and their families accessed fresh fruits and vegetables
through our FMRx program

$55,748 in FMRx vouchers was dispersed in 2015-2016.

Local Non-Profit Partnerships

2,000+ pounds of produce were collected to feed families in need through Second Harvest Food Bank

150+ young professionals were introduced to the Crescent City Farmers Market through the Greater New Orleans Foundation's GiveNOLA Day

Partners: Ashe Cultural Arts Center, Bike Easy, GrowDat Youth Farm, Eat Fit NOLA, Eat Local Challenge, Edible Schoolyard, Friends of Lafitte Greenway

Market Match

SNAP dollars aren’t always enough, so we meet our shoppers halfway. Our Market Match program matches all SNAP dollars up to $20.00, increasing the spending power of cardholders. Shoppers double their fruit and vegetable purchases and live a more nourished lifestyle.

In 2015 we matched $8,714 in the pilot year.

In 2016 we grew the program to match $25,986 for local fruits and vegetables.

Circle Match

We started partnering with retail stores to increase food access with incentives. Shoppers can double their food stamp dollars at Circle Food Store, receiving free fruits and vegetables.

In 2016, we dispersed $8,930 in dollars back to the community.

Small business growth

In the past year, the Crescent City Farmers Markets have hosted over 80 vendors traveling 400 miles or less across the Gulf region. Some of our vendors have developed a following to expand their business into grocery stores and many of them sell to restaurants.

Economic Impact

Our markets impact host neighborhoods,
vendors, and the surrounding region

$9.3 million was put back into the local economy through the Crescent City Farmers Market

Over $280,000 in project tax revenue was created

By increasing the number of shoppers at our markets, we increased the revenue collected by local businesses

Over $4.9 million was collected by local businesses near the market by purchases made from market shoppers

2016 Market Umbrella
Board of Directors

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E. Howell Crosby, President

Ann Thompson, Vice President

Natalie Barranco, CPA, Treasurer

Avery Corenswet, Recording Secretary

David Baker

Kia Silverman Brown

Rusty Gaude

Monique McCleskey

H.V. Nagendra

Katie Rosenblum

David Waller

2016 Community Advisory Team

Paul Arceneaux

Robin Barnes

Margaret Beer

Tac Crosby

Bruce Gallassero

Clara Gerica

Kristina Gibson

Eli Klarman

Katie Landry

Kendra LeSar

Danielle Paciera, RD, CCN

Darlene Robért

Heather Robertson

Pam Romero

Alon Shaya

Semmes Walmsley

Leah Whann

2016 Brain Trust

John Abajian*

Ben Burkett

Michael Kane

Richard McCarthy, IV*

Cathy Pierson

Roy Priest

Ted Quant

Poppy Tooker

Emery Van Hook Sonnier

* Crescent City Farmers Market Co-Founder

Thank you to supporters

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Strawberries on St. Charles

Stokes & Hubbell Capital Management, LLC

Okra on Orleans

Laitram, L.L.C.

Katherine & Tony Gelderman

Shaw & Ann Thompson

Eggplants on Esplanade

First NBC Bank

Fidelity Bank

Jay & Avery Corenswet

Katie & Howell Crosby

Mrs. H. Mortimer Favrot, Jr.

Monique & Bob McCleskey

Cathy & Hunter Pierson

Peaches on Prytania

Chaffe McCall, L.L.P.


Ellen & Mac Ball

Kim & Robert Crosby

Allison & George Freeman III

Sheldon Lykes

Prime Business Advisory Solutions, LLC

Ralph Brennan Restaurant Group

Katie & Carl Rosenblum

Linda Usdin & Steven Bingler

Whitney Bank

Carrots on Canal

Rosenfield Family Foundation

Lisa Brooking & Bennett Davis

Mr. & Mrs. Christian T. Brown

Vivian Cahn

Elise & Jean Dabezies

Dr. & Mrs. Donald Faust Jr.

John Wyatt Foard, CPA

Billy & Lulu Freiberg

Carro & Billy Gardner

Bart Geraci

Seth & Julie Harris

Scott & Janet Howard

Anna Jene

Edward Johnson

Cynthia Jones

Deanna Karl

Patricia Krebs

John Lalla

Hugh & Beth Lambert

Patti & Robert Lapeyre

Jay Lapeyre

Audry Masinter

Mark & Mindy Mayer

Rick Meade

Lisette & Rusty Oser

Danielle Paciera

Kathryn Parker & James Karst

Stacy & Jim Pellerin

John Pope

Maura Sylvester & J Pegues

Emery & Kristian Sonnier

Peter Trapolin

Bobbie & Bobby Trotenberg

Blueberries on Broad

David Baker

Michael & Linda Conner

Diari Gilliam

Ashley Gremillion

Ryan Patton

Tia Roddy

Casey Taylor

Additional Love & Thanks

ChillCo, Inc

The Domain Companies

Donner-Peltier Distillers

J&D Blueberry Farm

Mizell’s Farm

The New Orleans Advocate

Petite Fleur – Lisa Brooking

Pearl Wine Co.


Prêt a Fêtê

Reyn Studios

River Parish Disposal

Robért Fresh Market

Southern Insurance Agency, LLC

Uptown Graphics

Urban South Brewery

Whole Foods Market