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March 4, 2019

Let the Good Times Roll

Fresh & Local:

Let the Good Times Roll

Happy Mardi Gras, y’all!

We love carnival season, and especially all of the food traditions that come along with it. To that end, the Tuesday Uptown market will be closed tomorrow, March 5th, for Mardi Gras celebrations. We will reopen all markets Wednesday, March 6th through the rest of the week, so be sure to come by to restock on veggies and other healthy things after this season of revelry.

As we all know, eating seafood during Lent is hardly a sacrifice in New Orleans - especially when it's local, wild-caught seafood from the fishing families that sell at the Crescent City Farmers Market. Stop by the Ochsner and Bywater markets for your Ash Wednesday feast and the Mid-City and Bucktown markets to kick off the Lenten season. Laissez les bon temps rouler!

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Picks of the Week:

What’s Good?

After Mardi Gras, we all need some extra rest. Squeeze in a pre-market nap, or sleep in on your Saturday morning without worrying about missing out on your favorite market treats by ordering in advance on our app! Place an order with A&K Citrus for oranges and grapefruit to give your body the vitamin C it needs to recover from all the festivities. Download the app on your Android or Apple device and use coupon code “FIRSTORDER” for 25% off your first purchase!

pick of the week

pick of the week

Babies Can Eat Local Too!

Do you know any babies? Do those babies like to eat food? It’s super easy to make your own baby food, and you can buy everything you need at the market. As part of our Market Mommas Club program, we share simple recipes with moms so they can make their own baby food out of ingredients they find at the market, and we wanna share them with you too! For the littlest ones, start simple: steam sweet potatoes or carrots and puree in a blender until smooth with some water or breastmilk. As babies get older, try new vegetables, or add in spices or fresh herbs to expand your baby’s flavor palate. You can freeze single portions of pre-made baby food for up to six months; so prep a big batch now and rest easy later knowing you have a freezer full of natural, local, delicious food for your little one!

Stop and Smell the Flowers

Self-care means time with loved ones! Appropriately, let’s talk about Kay and “Big Ray” Brandhurst’s first date. As one could imagine, it started with an invitation to take a nice spin on a fancy boat. Ready for her hot date, Kay dressed in her finest, all-white linen ensemble complete with matching white floppy hat ready to sun-bathe the day away. Can you tell where this is going? Instead of being swept away on a sexy speed boat, Kay was greeted with a shrimp rig and Big Ray’s shiny white shrimp boots. Of course being the gentleman that he is, he had a pair for her too. Kay thought, “What am I getting myself into?” Buckets of shrimp, soaking wet (not-so-white) clothes, and six hours later, Kay and Ray knew it was the forever kind of love. Ladies and gents: Four Winds Seafood <3!

pick of the week

vendor of the week

Vendor of the Week:

G&M Goat Farm

Let us reintroduce G&M Goat Farm to you. Morris Richardson and his wife Gloria hail from Wiggins, Mississippi where they raise a happy family of lamb and goats. They started the goat business in 2000 and quickly became the first farm in Mississippi licensed to sell goat meat! Nowadays, their products range from goat cheese to lamb meat, fresh goat milk, and delicious goat ice cream. You can learn more about the Richardsons in their three-course interview featured in The Gambit and find G&M Goat Farm selling at every Tuesday market at 200 Broadway Street from 9am-1pm.

Tuesday’s Green Plate Special:

Max Well Cafe

No Green Plate Special this Tuesday since the market is closed for Mardi Gras Day, but Chef Alex of Max Well Cafe will join us next week!

Green Plate Special Vendor

recipe of the week

Recipe of the Week:

Grilled Louisiana Drum

With Lent just around the corner, it’s time to start stockpiling fish recipes. And even if you don’t observe Lent, let us refresh your memory on how delicious (and nutritious!) fish can be, especially when it’s fresh and local and cooked right. Try this foolproof recipe for grilled Louisiana drum with a fresh filet from Pete and Clara’s Seafood, Anna Marie Seafood, or Des Allemands Outlaw Katfish available at Uptown, Downtown, Ochsner, and Bucktown markets.

What’s your favorite dish to make after visiting the Crescent City Farmers Market? Share your recipes with us on Instagram or Facebook or even Twitter and it might be featured in our weekly newsletter!

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