Ian McNulty signs at the Market

Ian McNulty, of Gambit Weekly Food News fame, makes a guest appearance at the market this Saturday to read from and sign his brand new book, A Season of Night: New Orleans Life After Katrina

Season of the Night Ian, who shares our penchant for delicious, local food, (As well as gastronomic wordplay) in his weekly columns, is also editor of the guidebook "Hungry? Thirsty? New Orleans." Ian moved to and fell in love with our city soon after finishing college.  Since the storm, he's provided a unique view of the city's recovery through his chronicling of the resurgence of the New Orleans restaurant world.

Besides being one of our favorite NOLA food writers, Ian is something of a local bon vivant.  Each year, in shorts and a tux jacket, he hosts the soon-to-be  infamous "tour de pants" bike ride and pub crawl (timed to coincide with the finale of the Tour de France).  His humor and passion for this city are evident in his writing, which is imbued with an underlying theme: the importance and power of community.

The book itself has received plenty of advance praise from local critics. A heartfelt, haunting and at times darkly humorous memoir, it tells the story of his return to Mid-City, where, after Katrina, he lived on the second floor of his half-wrecked house and wrote this book on a laptop by candlelight.   

Read an excerpt from his chapter on bars and restaurants as meeting places after the storm, "Civilization, Distilled and Deglazed," and come to the Saturday market for the signing, which begins at 10am. 

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