The Mother of All Markets - CCFM Open this Saturday, September 6

Stop by the market this Saturday for a cup of coffee (our treat!) and music by Washboard Chaz, swap storm/evacuation stories and do a little shopping to start restocking the fridge. With the thought that markets are just as much about community as they are about food, the CCFM will be open this Saturday, September 6. We also plan to have market Tuesday, September 9.

We’re still touching base with vendors to see how everyone fared and who's able to join us at market this Saturday, but reports are starting to come in from the field...   



Smith's Creamery will be at market this Saturday, which means cafe au lait for everyone! 


Kay Brandhurst and her children stayed with family for the storm, but Big Ray stayed on their shrimp boat. We're relieved to be able to report that both Ray and the boat are OK. Ray was going shrimping Thursday night, which means Kay will be at market Saturday with Ray's catch. 


Friday AM Update: The Gerica's were safe and sound in Gulf Shores when Gustav hit. Looks like their trailer needs a new roof and their building got water, but both made it. The ice machine went under, so they're not sure if it's salvageable, but the boat's OK! It's just stuck in a lot of marsh grass, so Pete's not yet sure how he's going to get it out. And more good news...Clara has shrimp! Pete was able to get back before anything thawed & kick on the generator. Since then power has been restored, but there's still plenty of clean-up to do. Clara's shooting to be back at market Tuesday with big, beautiful Louisiana shrimp. 


Friday AM Update: The Monica's are still without power, like just about everyone in St. John Parish, but they were able to save some of their crops! They're still cleaning up, so are shooting to be back at market Tuesday.


Keith Kron of Nature's Greenhouse is back home on Magazine St., with power. He'll be at market this Saturday with his organic sprouts and shoots for all of us craving fresh, raw green things.


Mississippi Natural Products a.k.a. the mushroom people are hittin' the road Saturday morning to bring their delicious shiitake mushrooms to market.


Voodough Bakery's Angela Wilson broke down 100 miles outside of Memphis while evacuating, but was rescued by a kind stranger. She's going to do her best to make it to market Saturday. Be sure to ask her about her story if she does.

Lisa Barbato of Revista bakery was really thinking when she packed her bags to evacuate. She brought her butter with her! Lisa's back home now, with power, and will be at market Saturday with freshly baked breakfast items.


Isabel Mendez's crops in Independence, LA really took a beating, but thankfully she and her family were safely evacuated in Texas for the storm. They're busy putting everything back together, so she won't be at market this Saturday, but hopes to join us next weekend with her delicious tamales.


Friday AM Update: Lucy Capdesboscq's field of flowers was also hit hard - by both Fay and Gustav - but she and her family are safe at home in Amite. After getting about 6" of rain from Fay, Gustav leveled just about all of her beautiful sunflowers. Lucy's piecing things together and is planning on being there for market Tuesday.


Friday AM Update: Nur Pendaz of Nur's Kitchen fame made it through the storm alright in Covington, LA. We talked to her Friday morning and she'd gone shopping, but said vegetables she found weren't fresh enough, so she's holding out and hopes to be back at market Tuesday. Don't you wish everyone had such high quality standards?


James & Pat Jones a.k.a the Alabama peach people weren't affected by the storm. For all of us who spent hours sitting in traffic in Alabama, without being able to enjoy one of the state's prize crops, the Jones's will be at market Saturday with Chilton County peaches...and tomatoes.


Amanda Carvajal (popscicles & fresh juices) did just fine with the storm. She'll be at market this Saturday with great post-debris clean-up treats - popscicles, beet lemonade and other fresh juices.


Pesto Paul (Paul Arceneaux), like so many of us, is safely back home, but still waiting on power. If he can swing it, he'll have some pesto to sell at market this Saturday, but will be there regardless to welcome shoppers home.


Wayne Brown of Creole Creams made it back home safely. Whether he's at market Saturday will depend on if he can find ingredients and enough time to make his delicious traditional, mocha, cafe au lait and pina colada pralines. Our fingers are crossed, but if he can't make it, Wayne will be back with us next weekend.


Justin Pitts was out of harm's way on his farm in Ellisville, MS for Gustav. He's making the drive down I-59 for market this Saturday (hopefully in much less time than it took a lot of us going the other way a couple days ago) with pork chops and roasts, bacon, ground beef, round steak, lamb chops, shoulder roasts, ribs and stew meat, ground lamb, leg of lamb and smoked sausage. 


Ben Burkett of the Indian Springs Farmers Association was also safe from the storm in Petal, Mississippi. Ben, a long-time, well respected advocate for cooperative farming and farming in general, is attending a conference this weekend, but will be at market Tuesday with sweet potatoes, late summer watermelons and shelled peas.


Anita DeBoisblanc of White Wood Farms and all of her intensely flavorful preserves and pepper jellies made it through the storm alright. She'll be at market Saturday with her extensive selection of homemade spreads.


Cheryl Scripter of Bittersweet Confections was still evacuated in Florida when we spoke to her. We hope she's enjoying some well deserved R&R and to see her possibly at market this Saturday if power's been restored to their home, or definitely next week.

Friday AM Update: Arthur "the Knife Man" Jones will be at market Saturday, so be sure to bring all those garden tools to be sharpened.  Yard clean-up will go much faster that way.


Friday AM Update: Jeannie & Joey Fonseca are still waiting for the power to come back on in Des Allemands, LA, but made it through the storm OK. The bayous around their place swelled up a good bit, but thankfully they didn't get any water in their home. The Fonseca's still have plenty of clean-up to do, so Jeannie won't make it to market Saturday. We'll keep you posted on Tuesday market. Also, a special thank you to Bourbon House and Cochon for buying just about all the wild catfish and frog legs the Fonseca's had on hand. Chefs Darin Nesbit and Stephen Stryjewski are our heroes!


Friday AM Update: Paw Paw lost a few bee hives, but will be at market Saturday with his local honey.



Check back with us for updates. Reports are still coming in!

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