Four generations of market shoppers

Marcel McGovern (age 84) came to the Saturday market with her Spirited Senior award from our Farmers Market Bingo game, as well as her daughter, granddaughter and brand-new great granddaughter. When we played Bingo at her Senior Center in Gretna, it was her first day back to the center after a visit to the hospital. She was thrilled to receive our Spirited Senior award ($10 in tokens) and told us several times how much she enjoyed our Farmers Market Bingo game and learning about all of the products she could buy at the market.

spirited awardDuring each Farmers Market Bingo visit, we call random exercises along with the names of our Bingo products and encourage seniors to participate. Exercises were provided to us by a senior fitness coordinator at the Elmwood Fitness Center and include movements like the pickle punch, the shrimp shoulder roll and the cushaw curl. We award the most enthusiastic and energetic senior with the Spirited Senior award - $10 in crescent tokens to spend at our markets - at the end of each game.

Marcel McGovern’s daughter, Melinda Short (age 48, lives in Terrytown) said she was familiar with our Saturday market and comes over occasionally from the West Bank to shop.  She was happy our Spirited Senior award gave her the chance to bring Marcel.

Melinda Short's daughter, Melissa Bond (age 31, Marrero) and her daughter Abbey Bond (age 4 months) were there to support the outing and to give their input about what to purchase. Marcel bought a bag of popcorn from Bob Stengl, Creole tomatoes and some greens from the Monicas and sausage from Justin Pitts.


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