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Love is in the air at the market. We recently asked our CCFM vendors to share the stories of how they met that someone special in their lives. Which market couple met when they were just 12 years old? Who met the love of her life while working at Burger King? Who married their Sunday school teacher?  Who met their sweetheart on e-harmony? Keep reading for all of our CCFM vendors' sweet (and in some cases scandalous!) stories. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  


Christine and Berlie (Ronald) Monica - Married 33 years; they met 33 years ago when Christine worked for Berlie’s family. She started out working in their home and then was hired to work in Berlie’s family’s restaurant. He first started talking to her at the restaurant in Garyville and they became close friends. Their friendship turned into something sound and long lasting.

Linda and Lester L’Hoste - Linda and Lester met while working at a Burger King when they were 18-19 years old. They didn’t exactly hit it off at first. Lester had a deep dislike of makeup which Linda wore. One day, Lester jumped on Linda and pinned her down onto the ground and wrote all over her face with a black marker. His reasoning; if he wrote on her face, she would then have to wash her face which would, in turn, wash all of the makeup off. Of course, we know Linda, and even then she didn’t take things with a grain of salt. She got him back. Ask her how! Afterward, they fell in love and have now been married for 34 years. She says that marriage “is difficult but you have to go into it thinking that it’s going to last.” Great advice, Linda. Thanks!

Diedre and Snooky Schexnayder - Part of two opposing Southern political families (Foucheux/Schexnayder), these two met at a teen dance - a very Capulet vs. Montegut kind of story. These two crossed bridges to be together. Ask her about it!

Kay and Ray Brandhurst - met on the beach for Spring Break at Fort Walton Beach, Florida. Students at Loyola University, it was love at first sight. They thought it was cute that their names rhymed.

Bob Stengl - Bob and his wife were both in a racquetball league in Massachusetts, and played against each other. After a game (she clobbered him) they went for sodas at the place next to the YMCA, where they couldn’t stop talking.

Aloma and Kenneth Savastano - This couple met in the 3rd grade and attended the same schools through graduation. They started dating in junior high at age 16 in junior high. They've been married 46 years now, and live next door to the old school house where they first met.

Joe and Jackie Dobie - Ms. Jackie was freshman and Joe was senior when the couple met through their local choir. They dated a little, but called things off pretty quickly until one day… bam! Joe knew he wanted to marry her.

Captain Karl Mueller - Karl was the captain of a freight ship taking American grain from Albany to Amsterdam. His future wife was one of 12 passengers on his ship headed to Paris for a sabbatical. By the end of the 14 day trip Karl had a feeling that she was “the one.” He gave his new found love his phone number and address. She called him from Paris.

Jeannie and Joey Fonseca - Jeannie and Joey met at a dance halfway between their homes, she was 16 and he was 15. She was looking for someone her own age, and he apparently knew this because he lied when asked and said that he was 16! “If he hadn’t lied,” Jeannie says, “maybe we wouldn’t be together.” Charming Joey asked Jeannie at their first dance when they were going to get married. Jeannie says, “He probably said that to everyone!” Jeannie reports that Joey “had his own style” of dancing but when Jeannie couldn’t make it back to another dance for six weeks he was still in her thoughts. She had been thinking a lot about him and was worried he wouldn’t be there. He was. They married when Jeannie was 20 and Joey was 19.

Timmy and Linda - These two met through a friend of Timmy’s at the state employment services where Linda worked. When Linda first saw Timmy, he was on a John Deere tractor. Their first date was at a nightclub over sodas and Chubby Checker (Live!). They dated for two years before marrying at age 32 (Timmy) and 26 (Linda). 

Jimmy and Sandra Hadden - Married 25 years! They knew each other for 15 years before they were married through their church – Jimmy was Sandra’s Sunday school teacher. At the time both were married to other people and had children – she had 2 and he had 3. Later, after both were divorced, they had their first date at a put-put golf course. Neither were very good at the game, but Sandra saved her scorecard. That's how her kids found out she had gone on a date! The couple dated for 6 months before they were married.

Ms. Betty - Ms. Betty was home from the military visiting her sister. Her now husband was painting a house around the corner from her sister's. At first, she thought he was bit of a loud mouth, but then thought he was kind of cute. Then one day he and his identical twin were standing in front of her sister’s house. She didn’t know which one he was. His twin asked her out, but he strongly objected. Betty had to decide. She asked which one she talked to first, and has been happily married ever since.

Rob and Suzie Banck - Rob and Suzie went to the same church and met when they were 12. After high school, Rob was dating Suzie’s best friend while Suzie was dating Rob’s best friend. Everyone switched and decided to double-date. Both couples were married.

Amanda and Enrique Carvajal - This sweet couple met at Wal-mart. Enrique was quite taken by Amanda and invited her to dinner for her birthday. She said yes to that date, and later to his marriage proposal.

Angela Wilson - Met her love on e-Harmony. Her mother suggested e-Harmony and even offered to pay for it! Her honey lives in Memphis. When he drove down for the first time to meet her, he was driving a sports car and Angela looked out of the window and said, “Oh no!” They went out to dinner and, to her surprise, they got along very well. She says that she thinks it’s a fluke that they met and got along so well but… we think it worked. Thanks Angela’s mom!

Lisa and Chris Barbato - Married 7 years! Chris was the sous chef at Mr. B’s Bistro when Lisa first moved to town. She applied for a job at Mr. B’s and Chris didn’t want to hire her thinking she was just a “seasonal” cook. Chef Michelle McRaney hired her anyway. Chris decided he would be the person to show Lisa around town. Looking back, she says, “he’s the reason why I stayed in NOLA.”

Paul and Pamela Arceneaux - Married 33 years in August! Pamela knew Paul’s voice before she knew him. He was the “Jazz Man” on WWGC in Carrollton, GA. They went to graduate school together at LSU and married a year later. They ran with the same crowd and met casually while hanging out with mutual friends.

Barry and Marsha Barilleaux - Let’s just say that Marsha stole a tuxedo-clad Barry at a wedding who at the time was with another lady. Her car “broke down” and he helped her get home. Laughing, she says, “I had to find some way of getting him home!” They are just as happy and in love as they were then and they still know how to have a good time - even if they’re stuck on the side of the road.

Jim and Gladys - Gladys's sister Gay introduced her to Jim. He worked at Hoppers drive-in where Gay would hang out. He brought her home one day, and she introduced him to his sister. The rest is history!

The Smiths - Mr. Warren and Ms. Sandra were high school sweethearts, and now have been married for 41 years. When he went into the service, she realized she would really miss out if she didn’t grab him. He was such a good man! She moved to Maryland while he finished up his time in the service, and they came back to start dairy farming. She had never been on a farm before, and it took a while before she could get used to the calf slobber and farm work. Ms. Sandra says he has been such a great husband-he would never let her carry the heavy buckets, loves her to death and would do anything for her! Part of their key to a happy life has been staying near family.

Heather and Dale Robertson: These two were high school sweethearts. They started dating when Heather was in 10th grade and Dale was a senior.

Paw Paw and Dottie: This couple wil have been married 50 years in May! They met at the Catholic Center at Newcomb, where Dottie majored in art. Paw Paw went to Tulane and majored in math. They were college sweethearts and got married a year after graduation. They now have 9 children, 25 grandchildren and 11 great grandkids together.

Mr. Clarence Mizell: When questioned, Mr. Mizell said he couldn’t give many details about his courtship with his wife. She'd kill him! What he did say was that she had been chasing him his entire life. Their courtship started in 1st grade. They were married when she was 19 and he was 20. Mr. Mizell says if you don’t marry early, you miss out on the chance to see your kids, grandkids and great grand kids grow up. Marrying early means you have to take on certain responsibilities sooner than any, which Mr. Mizell considers a good thing


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