Support Local Fishing Families During Lent

Eating seafood during Lent is hardly a sacrifice in New Orleans - especially when it's locally wild-caught seafood from the fishing families that sell at the Crescent City Farmers Market.

Crescent City Supported Fisheries

2012 Lenten LA Seafood CSF

What's a CSF?

Similar to a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), a CSF (Community Supported Fisheries) guarantees shoppers locally caught seafood, and guarantees local fishers shoppers. Shoppers pre-pay for their "share" of a fisher's catch at the start of the season. In our case, the season is Lent.

Lenten Louisiana Seafood CSF - Fresh Catch from Fishers at the Crescent City Farmers Market

Invest in a local fishing family (Choose one):

Four Winds Seafood
(Pick-up available at the Tues. & Sat. CCFM)

Download the Four Winds Seafood order form here.

Named for Ray Brandhurst's handmade 50-foot trawler, Four Winds Seafood represents a seven-going-on-eight generation family tradition of commercial shrimping. In addition to wild-caught Louisiana shrimp harvested from the Breton and Chandeleur Sounds, Ray's wife Kay Brandhurst also sells bycatch from Ray's trips including drum, flounder and even calamari at the Tuesday and Saturday locations of the Crescent City Farmers Market. The Brandhursts limit trawling time to 30 minutes to reduce the mortality rate of any bycatch, which ensures a top quality product. Fishing time is spent in deep passes harvesting only from the water's surface as not to disturb the ecosystem on the floor below.

Pete & Clara's Seafood
(Pick-up available at the Tues., Thurs or Sat. CCFM)

Download the Pete & Clara's Seafood order form here.

Pete & Clara's Seafood is a real family affair. In 2011, the Gerica's partnered with to offer the Gulf Coast's first Community Supported Fisheries program. This year Pete, his wife Clara, and their daughter Chris, will again offer shares of their catch. An outspoken advocate for the local fisheries, Pete fishes Lakes Ponchartrain (where other times of the year he also catches Louisiana gold shrimp) and Borgne for finfish, and shrimps the waters south of Houma for a premium product. Clara and Chris Gerica pride themselves on providing a wide variety of wild caught local seafood which requires minimal prep time, packed ready to cook or freeze.


$100 for 6 shares (enough for dinner for 2 people)
Subscription includes a CSF insulated bag.

What's the catch? Shares may include black drum, rondeau seabream, flounder, wild caught catfish, speckled trout, crabmeat, soft-shell crab, whole shrimp, or peeled & deveined shrimp.


Please remit to Four Winds Seafood or Pete & Clara's Seafood at one of the CCFM locations where they usually sell (see above). Payments can be made in cash, check or market tokens at the market prior to the beginning of Lent (February 22), or online.

Pick Up Locations:

Tuesdays (Four Winds Seafood; Pete & Clara's Seafood)
Crescent City Farmers Market - Uptown
200 Broadway Street, at the River

Thursdays (Pete & Clara's Seafood)
Crescent City Farmers Market - Mid-City
3700 Orleans Avenue (at the Bayou)

Saturdays (Four Winds Seafood; Pete & Clara's Seafood)
Crescent City Farmers Market - Downtown
700 Magazine Street (at Girod Street)

Pick Up Dates:

Four Winds Seafood - Tuesdays & Saturdays during Lent

Pete & Clara's Seafod - Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays during Lent

*Lent 2012: February 22-April 7

Orders may be placed in person at the market. Please note that shares can not be shipped.

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