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October 22, 2012

Market Mash and Food Day events at CCFM

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Fresh Item of the Week

fresh item of the week

Wednesday is National Food Day. We will be celebrating at our Thursday, October 25 market this week with cooking demos, seed giveaways, treats for the kids, and a free raffle of signed copies of Farm to Fork by Emeril Lagasse, The Art of Simple Food by Alice Waters, and Crescent City Farmers Market Cookbook by Poppy Tooker. Check out all the other great National Food Day celebrations in New Orleans using this guide, for a week of food fun! to RSVP (RSVPs not required, but are appreciated). For more information on the event, visit the news page on our website!

Tuesday Market, October 23, 2012 | 9 am - 1 pm

Uptown New Orleans | 200 Broadway Street at the River

We love greens here at CCFM. Collards, mustards, kale, arugula, you name it; we love it. One green that we have been particularly fond of lately is bok choy, also known as pak choi, or white cabbage. Its white stalks resemble celery without the stringiness, while the dark green, crinkly leaves of the most common variety is similar to Romaine lettuce. At home in soups, stir-fries, boiled or fried, the possibilities for bok choy are endless. These green leaves are prized for their tenderness and ease of preparation, as they can be cooked whole if you desire. Replace cabbage in your homemade kimchi with bok choy, or throw it into a hearty soup. Bonus: 100g of bok choy has only 13 calories, making it a low-calorie, but nutritional, powerhouse! Check out the recipe below for an easy way to incorporate them into this weeks menu.

green plate special

Thank goodness October has 5 Tuesdays, giving us two more weeks to enjoy Woody's Fish Tacos. Whether you love the fish, shrimp, pork, chicken or veggie taco, Woody's makes a great lunch! The smell alone is enough to sell us on it. Come by this week and be sure to try out some of his inventive, tasty side items.

Thursday Market, October 25, 2012 | 3 pm - 7 pm

Mid-City New Orleans | 3700 Orleans Avenue at the Bayou

In addition to the great Food Day activities at market, we are celebrating all the fresh food at Thursday these days! Right now, spicy radishes are in abundance, and we can't get enough. Slice them in a salad, eat them with hummus from Nur's Kitchen, or pesto from Pesto Paul, or slice them thinly and top freshly toasted and buttered bread for a spicy, crunchy breakfast. Radishes and coffee-who would have thought? Some would say the radish is the spicy red globe of versatility (ok, only we have said that!).

Saturday Market, October 27, 2012 | 8 am - 12 noon

Downtown New Orleans | 700 Magazine Street at Girod

Get your Halloween costumes ready a few days early, kids! This Saturday is our annual Market Mash. Come to market dressed up for a market fresh trick or treat, complete with delicious treats from market. Satsumas, pralines, market games, and more. No tricks, just treats at our annual event! 8am-12noon. We can't wait to see everyone in their costumes (though they are not required). Maybe we can even talk the market staff into dressing up! Special thanks to the W.K. Kellogg Foundation for sponsoring this wonderful event.

Recipe of the Week

Take advantage of all the lovely greens at market by making this hearty White Bean, Greens and Roasted Shitake Mushroom Soup. Use bok choy with the greens and learn why this is on our must eat list for the Fall!

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