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June 3, 2013

Eating locally with CCFM

Fresh & Local

The Eat Local Challenge kicked off Saturday, June 1st and we are so excited! Eating locally is our passion and we love to encourage others to join us, and watch as they learn to love what New Orleans and the surrounding areas taste like (hint: it’s delicious!). We will have events, classes, and talks every Saturday in June to help you learn, grow, and enjoy the challenge. This Saturday is our urban homesteading day, with experts on hand to help you grow, preserve and enjoy seasonal food (and eggs!) no matter the space or location. Check out our facebook page for more details and the other great events we will be participating in. Not signed up for the Eat Local Challenge? It’s not too late!

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pick of the week

Pick of the Week: Farm eggs!

The protein in eggs is one of the highest quality available, and they are versatile enough to work for any meal. Did you know that eggs from pasture raised, happy hens are healthier and tastier than eggs from large industrial chicken houses? The eggs from market have firmer, yellower yolks that are higher in vitamins in minerals, and their taste is unparalleled! Eggs are high in protein, vitamins A and D, iron and more. Eggs are popular at market, so be sure to get yours early! Try one sunny side up on top of your favorite pasta, rice, or pizza; you’ll be surprised at how easy and delicious it is.

Tuesday’s Green Plate Special

This week we welcome Empanada Intifada to the Green Plate Special. Their tasty empanadas, served from the colorful (and solar powered) truck always delights us. Using seasonal produce and inventive combinations, for both meat and veggie lovers, lunch is a breeze in June. Wondering where else they will be parked? Check out their twitter feed to keep up with them.

Green Plate Special

recipe of the week

Recipe of the Week

It is nearing the end of strawberry season, so we are eating as many as we can, and saving the rest to enjoy year-round. You can slice and freeze strawberries for use in juice, smoothies, muffins, and this delicious Strawberry Dumplings recipe any season.

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