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June 24, 2013

Eating local is a year-round event.

Fresh & Local

This week marks the end of the Eat Local Challenge. We have had a great time showing everyone the benefits and fun of eating locally. While the challenge is only for one month a year, at CCFM we believe in eating locally all 12 months! This Tuesday we will have Nutritionist Danielle Paciera on hand to answer your questions about health, food, and the intersection of the two. This is your chance to find out about our local “superfoods”, and how eating healthfully can impact your life.

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pick of the week

Pick of the Week: Basil!

Come out Saturday morning as CCFM vendor, Pesto Paul, demos how to make a delicious and nutritious pesto recipe. Basil is extremely versatile, perfect for drinks, soups, pizza, salads…well, we are having a hard time thinking of something you can’t brighten up with some basil. In addition to it’s taste, basil is high in vitamin K and has anti-bacterial properties. Add some to your menu this week for a power-punch and join us at market Saturday to learn how to make pesto, a staple for summer eating!

Tuesday’s Green Plate Special

It’s Empanada Intifada’s last week serving up GPS and we are so sad to see them go. Enjoy a delicious empanada (we can’t get enough of the Beana Vista Social Club!) this week and follow them on Twitter to learn where they will be spotted next!

Green Plate Special

recipe of the week

Recipe of the Week

When the weather is warm, sometimes a light lunch of a cup of soup and a salad are just the ticket. This Vegetable and Pesto Soup uses fresh herbs and summer veggies and would pair well with a grilled cheese sandwich using some market chevre. Grab some pesto from Paul (or learn to make your own this week) and whip this up!

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