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August 19, 2013

Try something new this week at CCFM

Fresh & Local

Our markets are a little bit smaller during August (even the plants need to take a break in this heat), but they are still packed with delicious local food. We’ve got corn, peppers, and okra, cucumber, eggplant, and tomatoes all over the place! Fish, shrimp and crabs are also perfect this time of year, in addition to chicken, beef, and pork. If you don’t feel like cooking, pick up one of our great prepared foods like tamales, tabouli, bread, pesto, soups, salads and more. There is always something for everyone at CCFM, even during the hottest month of the year! We like to try something new each week at market during the Summer-why don’t you join us and let’s keep Summer exciting and delicious!

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pick of the week

Pick of the Week: Papalo!

When Jim Mizell told us he had some papalo, we had to get a plant to bring home to the garden. Papalo is often called “Summer Cilantro” for it’s taste and hardiness. With flavor resembling arugula and cilantro, with a hint of cucumber, papalo is a new favorite add-in to summer meals! Try this zesty leaf mixed into guacamole, added to tacos, cooked into enchiladas, or even mixed into a pesto. Taste a leaf and you’ll agree that the possibilities are endless. Papalo plants like full sun and can grow 4’ to 6’ in the ground or in a container. Come by our Tuesday or Saturday market to try this fantastic plant, a favorite of chefs around the world, yourself.

Tuesday’s Green Plate Special

We simply can’t get enough of Purloo’s fantastic locally sourced August menu. This week, chose from Smoked Pork shoulder tacos with serrano pepper salsa, arugula, goat cheese and market apple salad with kumquat vinaigrette, our favorite grilled summer corn, lime, cojita cheese & chiles, or a refreshing cantaloupe and sugar cane sodas. With menus like this, we never want summer to end! This week’s Friday Purloo pop-up is a Backyard Southern Barbeque theme, so make your reservations today.

Green Plate Special

recipe of the week

Recipe of the Week

Corn and peaches are perfect right now, as is a good backyard barbeque. Whip up this fantastic Corn and Peach Salsa to top grilled steak, chicken or seafood this week. Don’t forget to add a few papalo leaves!

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