Chef Profile: Nathanial Zimet, Boucherie

Even amidst sizzling hot summer heat, Chef Nathaniel Zimet, is all smiles as he zips through the Uptown Crescent City Farmers Market most Tuesdays. Around market, Zimet of Boucherie is something of a celebrity. He is well known for his quick pace, charisma and, of course, his love for fresh local produce. As Zimet himself acknowledges, his reputation precedes him when it comes to being a local foods aficionado in New Orleans. Read on to learn more about Zimet and his Southern Style culinary creations!

Chef Nathanial Zimet started his food career with Que Crawl, affectionately known as the Big Purple Truck. After a couple years spent roaming the city serving Creole dishes, he decided to launch his own “brick and morter” restaurant. Boucherie, his current venture, serves contemporary Southern Cuisines inspired by seasonal produce available at the Crescent City Farmers Market. Chef Zimet adjusts Boucherie’s selection every other month to reflect what’s available at market that season. This season, an abundance of summer squash at market has inspired a squash with persian mint nioki plate. Expect to see even more summer vegetable dishes propping up on his menu in the coming weeks!


Zimet’s dedication to CCFM stems from the quality of the produce, seasonal fare and affordable prices available at market. Count on seeing Chef Zimet at our Uptown Market chatting with vendors and goofing off with watermelons every Tuesday. So what’s Zimet’s professional market recommendation? “Definitely kale and fruit...all fruits, I can’t be pigeonholed into choosing just one.”

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