Chef Profile: Jason Goodenough, Carrollton Market

On Tuesdays this month, Jason Goodenough is on a tight schedule as soon as he arrives at market. After unloading his cooking utensils and condiments, Goodenough dashes through market picking up Creole tomatoes, juicy watermelons and Ms. Clara’s crabmeat. Almost immediately after gathering these goods, he opens up for business. Goodenough, chef and owner of Carrollton Market in the Riverbend, is serving up lunch as CCFM's Green Plate Special this July. His menu this month has featured plates ranging from refreshing tomato and watermelon gazpacho to market fresh BLTs and  fresh creole tomato salads sprinkled with Ryals' feta cheese. Read on  to learn about Goodenough’s thoughts on local foods, favorite dishes and New Orleans' thriving local food scene!

Goodenough followed an unconventional route to success in the New Orleans food scene. He started off as a economics major pursuing a career in finance before he indulged a life-long passion for food by working at a nearby restaurant. Soon after graduating from college, Goodenough redirected his career aspirations, choosing to refine his culinary talents instead. He went on to studay at the Culinary Institute of America in New York before settling here in New Orleans. Now, he’s “living the dream” as owner and lead chef at Carrollton Market, where he dishes out “contemporary upscale Southern food” five days a week. Goodenough’s uncompromising commitment to excellence and attention to detail guides all of his work. His dishes are often complex creations inspired by seasonal produce available at market.

Within the New Orleans food scene, Goodenough has always been an advocate for local markets. He comes by the market three times a week to appreciate all the sights and tastes available here. “At the farmers market, you can touch it, smell it and taste it before you buy it.” This emphasis on local foods guides Carrollton Market's mission; to feed hungry foodies sustainably. Back at  Carrollton Market, Goodenough constantly updates his menu to reflect what’s market fresh. As Goodenough comments, “if its picked nearby, it’ll taste better.”  At his restaurant, expect to find servers well versed in the farm-to-table movement and eager to let you know  exactly where your order came from. This summer, as corn remains so abundant at market, Goodenough anticipates crafting a variety of corn dishes including a delicious corn and baby lima bean veloute, corn soup served with fresh market bread, and tossing grilled sweet corn atop his staple dishes.

Hungry yet? You can catch Goodenough this upcoming week at our Tuesday Market serving up more delicious dishes.  Thanks again to Chef Jason Goodenough for supporting our local food economy!

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