January 12, 2015

Remembering W.B. Reily, III

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With the loss of William Boatner Reily, III, our community loses one of the more important heroes in the local food renaissance. As CEO of Reily Foods, Boatner gave the go-ahead for us to establish the Crescent City Farmers Market on the Reily parking lot at 700 Magazine Street. Reily Foundation director Joan Coulter remarked at the time, “it was a long shot” for a fledgling community food effort to seek permission from the Reilys for use of their beautiful, mural-adorned parking lot. Of course, that was the wonderful thing about Boatner: A first-rate businessman, he was also a generous philanthropist whom with his brothers Bob and Eustis has cultivated a culture of philanthropy in the company. Intellectually curious, passionate about good food, and often found on Saturdays picking up Creole cream cheese, oysters and strawberries, Boatner marveled at the adaptive reuse of the Reily lot as a town square for food commerce. For nearly 20 years, it has played ground zero for the local food movement. Adorned by the Dafford Brothers mural depicting the humble start of the Reily empire – as a coffee cart at the start of the 20th century, the juxtaposition of real life market in front of historical mural speaks to the importance of tradition, innovation, and public good will. Consider how the 20th century began with food carts, just as the 21st century embraces their revival. We are grateful to Boatner’s public good will to take the risk in us back in 1995 to give birth to a local food renaissance.

by Richard McCarthy, III
Executive Director, Slow Food USA
and Co-Founder of the
Crescent City Farmers Market

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pick of the week

Pick of the Week: the WHOLE vegetable!

We’re seeing more and more of the vegetable version of ‘nose-to-tail’ on the menus of some of our favorite restaurants around town, as chefs are finding delicious ways to embrace the whole vegetable. Not sure what to do with those broccoli greens? Take inspiration from Ancora’s creamed broccoli greens side dish and cook them just as you would collards. Ask CCFM vendors to leave the greens on to get the most miles out of your produce this week!

Tuesday’s Green Plate Special

After getting their truck back from the shop, St. Clair is back on schedule to join us at market this Tuesday as our Green Plate Special vendors. In the mood for some handmade craft pizzas? Come join us at market, make some groceries, and enjoy some delicious pizza from St. Clair!

recipe of the week

Recipe of the Week

There are some beautiful cauliflower at market right now. Want to pick one up but not sure what to do with it? Try using some for this delicious Mixed Vegetable Pakora recipe, courtesy of Har Keswani of Taj Mahal. Pick up one of Timmy Perilloux’s giant cauliflower and you’ll be eating pakora for days!

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