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January 26, 2015

Let’s Talk Sassafras

Fresh & Local

Ever spot a sassafras tree around town? Please let us know if you do. From what CCFM shoppers tell us, they're tougher to find than four leaf clovers. Stacy Bonnecaze is doing her part to change that. To honor her father, the late Papa Tom Bonnecaze, Stacy is donating a sassafras tree to the Audubon Zoo at our Uptown CCFM location this Tuesday at 11am. Back home, Stacy tends to about 50 sassafras trees. She clips 7/8 of each leaf, leaving the last little bit of the leaves and the stems as not to shock the trees. Then she dries the leaves in the sun and freshly grinds them to make the file powder she sells at the CCFM, and that her father sold at the market before her. Pick up a couple shakers this Tuesday for parade party gumbos and join us in thanking the Bonnecaze family for their generous donation.

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pick of the week

Pick of the Week: French Pickler!

We’re excited to welcome the pickle pros from our Wednesday market, French Pickler, to the Saturday market starting this week! They’ve got an assortment of delicious pickles available using our very own Cajun Growers’ hot house cucumbers, and some seasonal pickled veggies as well. Whether you like your pickles sliced bread and butter style, in spears, extra spicy, or just regular whole pickled cucumbers, French Pickl’er has you covered. Come on out this Saturday and try some for yourself!

Tuesday’s Green Plate Special

It’s been a great month having St. Clair with us at our Tuesday market. While market staff and farmers alike will miss the freshly made pizzas, we’re looking forward to enjoying their last week with us tomorrow. If you haven’t had a chance to come out and try any of St. Clair’s pizzas don’t miss the last chance to try em at market! Stand by for delicious lunch offerings from Breads on Oak in February!

recipe of the week

Recipe of the Week

Interested in picking up some filé from Bonnecaze Farms on Tuesday but not feeling too confident in those gumbo skills? Have no fear! This Gumbo with Filé recipe from Carolyn Shelton’s cookbook Angelina’s Zydeco Gumbo will have you on your way to a pot full of home made gumbo!

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