Collard Wraps

We’re so thrilled to see the greens slowly make their return to market as the Fall continues its approach to New Orleans. They’re small in number now so be sure to get to market early to get some for yourself.


6-8 large, whole collard leaves

Large pot of water

Large bowl of cold water; keep the water in the sink, and add more cold water after adding the hot greens to continue to cool


In order to make the greens easy to roll, the tough stem needs to be removed.  Turn leaf so that the protruding stem faces up, using a paring knife, gently shave the stem off the leaf, starting at the interior of the leaf and working outward toward the stalk. (See this website for great pictures & tutorial

Boil water, add 3-4 greens at a time, careful not to break the leaves.  Boil for one minute, remove using tongs and place into cold water for one minute.  Remove from cold water, lay on flat surface on paper/dish towels.

To assemble:

1. Place one wrap on a flat surface, with the cut side facing you.

2. Put a line of filling from 1 inch from the stalk down the center of the spine of the leaf. Pile chopped veggies on top of the filling.

3. Fold the stem side and the top side of the leaf towards the center, fold one of the other edges towards the center, then roll the wrap towards the non-folded side.

4. Store with the edge of the leaf facing downwards. Cover to keep dry.

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