Off-Bottom Oysters Make Their Debut at the CCFM Saturday, July 18

We're excited to share that we'll have local off-bottom oysters from Caminada Bay Premium Oysters available at the CCFM for a limited time! Though common to the east and west coasts, this product is a Louisiana first. Caminada Bay Premium Oysters will make their debut this Saturday, July 18. These specialty oysters will be offered based on availability at our markets on Tuesday, July 21, Wednesday, July 22, Thursday, July 23, and Saturday, July 25.

More on Off-Bottom Oysters & Caminada Bay Premium Oysters:

off-bottom oystersOff-bottom cultured oysters are set on floating cages at a level that is more beneficial to the oyster quality. Abundant nutrients and more dissolved oxygen give the oysters a better environment and an opportunity to grow faster and fatter year round. The oysters tumble with the tides in a suspended cage, which results in a thinner shell with a deeper ‘cup’ for a meatier, tastier oyster. Floating the oysters off the bottom keeps the baby oysters, called spat, from smothering under sediment, and keeps them away from predators like the oyster drill. This alternative growing system has been studied at length at the Grand Isle Oyster Hatchery, under the direction of John Supan, Ph.D., oyster specialist with Louisiana Sea Grant College Program at LSU. Sea Grant has been instrumental in working with oyster farmers like Caminada Bay Premium Oysters to make this quality product available for public consumption.

Caminada Bay Premium Oysters is a family business, run by Marcos Guerrero, wife Lali, and sons Aldo and Boris. They currently harvest 200 cages with an average of 700 oysters per cage. For the upcoming crop this year the Guerreros plan to seed 450 cages for an average of 900 oysters per cage. Their ultimate goal is to grow 1,000,000 oysters per year. The oysters are market size (three inches) after a ten to twelve-month growth period. Caminida Bay Premium Oysters harvests once an order is received, and oysters are processed within an hour from the farm to the coolers. The company guarantees a fresh, world class, gourmet oyster with an herbal sweet & salty flavor—from the high salinity of Caminada Bay. For more information on Caminada Bay Premium Oysters, contact Marcos Guerrero at

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