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December 25, 2017

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Fresh & Local:

This year Market Umbrella did something it’s never done before, and we couldn’t have done it without your help. We began to solve the problem of a serious lack of fresh, local food in school cafeterias by getting 1,300 portions of satsumas into school lunches.

Our kids programming is part of a new farm to school effort at Market Umbrella. We are now the Louisiana state lead in the National Farm to School Network, fostering a dedicated network of farmers, schools, and school food distributors to facilitate school gardens, education and local food procurement. This fall alone, over 345 local schoolchildren came to the Crescent City Farmers Market to meet farmers and food producers from Louisiana and beyond through our Meet Me at the Market Program.

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School programming would not be possible without your help. It was with your support that we were able to connect partners Liberty’s Kitchen, a school food provider, with longtime market vendor Star Nursery to get fresh Plaquemines Parish citrus into the five schools Liberty’s Kitchen serves scratch-cooked food to. From years of doing market-based food education, we know that children need lots of exposure to unfamiliar fruits and vegetables in order to expand their palates and begin to enjoy them. We are grateful that your support allows us to visit classrooms before field trips come to market to really start to get kids thinking about local food production.

On a recent pre-visit to 23 pre-kindergarteners, Market Manager Cristina Berthelot was talking about the change in seasons with the children and how our food availability changes when fall approaches.

When she asked, “Can you tell me some vegetables that are available in fall?”

One little boy asked, “Broccoli?” When Cristina replied affirmatively, there was a resounding cheer of “BROCCOLI!” from the students.

Just think of that. Four- and five-year old kids cheering for broccoli. You can help us give them what they want - broccoli!

Our organization cannot support these exceptional programs without your help. Please consider donating today to Market Umbrella and the Crescent City Farmers Market, so that we can sustain our programs to continue teaching students the importance of healthy food and farming.


Picks of the Week:
Home for the Holidays

Happy holidays from the farmers, fishermen and all your friends at the CCFM! Market will be closed Tuesday, December 26th, so that our vendors can enjoy Christmas day with their loved ones. We tend to forget there is a person behind every product, and every effort that it takes to get it to us. Many farmers pick their crops or go out on the boat the day before market, but the docks are closed, family is in town, and even the farmers need a break every now and then. Fret not, we will reopen on Wednesday, December 27th in the French Market from 1-5pm. We're so thankful for our wonderful market community and wish ewe a wonderful holiday.

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