Categories: Recipes
      Date: Mar 19, 2008
     Title: White chocolate mousse

A tradition began in 1893 when a grand hotel, the Grunewald, opened on Baronne Street, just steps off of Canal. The hotel was later renamed in honor of President Theodore Roosevelt. The owners of the Roosevelt Hotel acquired the rights to the famous New Orleans cocktails, the Ramos Gin Fizz and the Sazerac, and created a bar and restaurant in honor of the latter, an Herbsaint-scented rye whiskey drink.

Later known as the Fairmont Hotel, the traditions were carefully maintained until Hurricane Katrina shuttered this landmark establishment. The Waldorf-Astoria hotel group has since purchased the property so that New Orleanians and visitors alike can look forward to the rebirth of the century-old hotel.

Here is a divine dessert that will help us hang on till the rebirth of the treasured Sazerac restaurant.



Combine cream and 6 tablespoons of the sugar in a bowl; whip, then refrigerate.

In another bowl, combine egg yolks and 1/4 cup of the sugar; whip until mixture has a creamy texture. Fold chocolate into egg yolks.

In another bowl, combine egg whites and remaining 6 tablespoons sugar; whip until stiff peaks form. Fold egg whites into egg yolk–chocolate mixture, then fold chocolate mixture into whipped cream. Add Kahlua and vodka, folding in by hand or with a wire whisk.

Serves 12

Recipe compliments of the Sazerac Restaurant in the Fairmont Hotel