Categories: Market News
      Date: Apr 14, 2008
     Title: The sweetness of strawberry season is upon us!

Welcome to strawberry season. While we welcomed strawberries back to market in early December, the sweet strawberry season is now upon us!  

Strawberries brought to us from our vendors, the Monicas of Garyville, the Mendezes of Independence, and the Robertsons of Ponchatoula are sweet, delicious and abundant! Flats are running $12 and baskets of beauties are 3 for $5.

Strawberries are all over the market in fact!  From the strawberry orange juice made by Amanda Carvajal to the delicious jams made by our new jam and jelly maker, Anita deBoisblanc. Mrs. Chauvin, our dear market Pie Lady, will have strawberry pies starting Tuesday. Think about adding strawberries to the Smith's cheesecakes!

Whatever you do, please enjoy the strawberry season-eat, drink and enjoy all you can!