Categories: Market News
      Date: Apr 16, 2008
     Title: Thank You New Orleans!

This month marked the first anniversary for Justin Pitt's presence at our market. In a letter to the market community, Justin Pitt's thanks New Orleans and the Crescent City Farmers Market. 

The market and a loyal customers have "enabled me to remain on the farm and provide you with quality products. As always, my stock are raised without hormones, growth promoters, and other unhealthy and unnatural substances, just grass, sunshine, and a little wholesome feed.  Remember, with each purchase you help keep a small, family owned farm in operation."

Not only does Justin carry delicious cuts of beef and pork, and lamb, but he has recently ordered 250 new pullets, or young hens, so that by September he'll be bringing a consistent supply of delicious farm-raised eggs to market. And while Justin does not necessarily raise every animal on his farm from birth, his ability to finish steers and hogs raised by his neighbors keeps them in business as well.  

Justin is a former schoolteacher, and an expert on southern history. He's also amazingly descriptive about his farming and rearing practices. Drop by his booth at the Tuesday or Saturday markets and ask him about his operation, get a recipe to cook up some of his meat, and learn from the Crescent City Farmers Market's only meat vendor!