Categories: Market News
      Date: Jun 23, 2008
     Title: For all you meat lovers

Come to the market this Tuesday and you’ll see Justin Pitts, our meat vendor, with his first batch ever of bacon and his first batch this season of lamb. 

Justin Pitts Though it is a step away from his much sought after heritage livestock, the Pineywoods Cattle, Justin is responding to the large demand for bacon at the market. So, all you meat lovers make sure to come out Tuesday and stop by his table. Order up some bacon to go with those eggs, or to add into one of your favorite Creole dishes.

Besides bacon, Justin will also be showing up with this season’s first load of lamb. Everything from ground lamb, stew meat, liver, lamb chops and lamb roast will be available Tuesday. Come on Saturday and you can get a taste of his leg of lamb; a great piece to build your Sunday dinner around.

We look forward to seeing you at the market!