Categories: Market News
      Date: Jul  7, 2008
     Title: VooDough Bakery featured on WWL

Angela Wilson, from Voodough Bakery, and Emery Van Hook, with the Crescent City Farmers Market, were featured on WWL June 30th. Angela is a regular vendor at our markets and this month, you will find her cooking at the Green Plate Special Tent on Tuesdays.

Angela showed viewers how to make a refreshing summer pasta salad with fresh ingredients from the market. Eric Paulsen, the anchor, was impressed with all of the fresh local ingredients, and especially enjoyed the watermelon that he sampled. So much so that he paid the market a visit that Saturday and again on Tuesday, when he got a chance to stop by the Green Plate Special Tent and visit with Angela. 

Check out the clip and see for yourself! Click here.