Categories: Market News
      Date: Dec  5, 2008
     Title: Marketeers Club Launch Pizza Party - Saturday, December 6

Building on the beliefs that farmers markets are for everyone - including kids, and that markets grow healthy kids, announces the Marketeers Club, for CCFM shoppers under age 14.

This weekend we'll have healthy pizza dough making demonstrations (at 9 am, 10 am, 11 am), which will kick off our first Saturday of the month Marketeer activities. Kids who sign up for the Marketeers Club will receive a shopping list/recipe card, along with a packet of pizza dough ingredients. Marketeers are encouraged to shop for seasonal local toppings, then go home and cook together and eat with their families. Marketeers will also be mailed a birthday card during their birthday month inviting them to come to the market and pick up their present: $5 worth of Crescent tokens (good at all CCFM vendors' booths - including "the popcorn guy").