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      Date: Jan  6, 2009
     Title: Cochon Ball: A Pig Field Folly. January 17th

Pig Roasters, Boudin makers, Foosball players unite in New Orleans on Saint Anthony’s Day, the Patron Saint of pigs, sausage, bacon, and miracles...Saturday, January 17th, 2009.

COCHON BALL: A PIG FIELD FOLLY is the first of its kind - a celebration of pork, the legacy of oral histories, and the playfulness of table foosball brought to life size.  With true serendipity, our Cochon Ball landed on the day dedicated to the Patron Saint of swine, sausage and bacon!  With such fortuity, we are devoted to increasing the fun percentages while eating down good cooked pork- tasty decadence…

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