Categories: Market News
      Date: May 24, 2009
     Title: New Remedies for an Ailing Society - Free Screenings of Unnatural Causes Documentary

Is Inequality Making Us Sick? That’s the central question posed in the ground-breaking new documentary UNNATURAL CAUSES. The filmmakers crisscrossed the country exploring how it is that the social conditions in which Americans are born, live and work profoundly affect health and longevity, even more than medical care, behaviors and genes. The idea that improving health goes beyond eating right, exercising, and getting adequate medical care challenges fundamental beliefs about what makes Americans healthy - or sick - and offers new remedies for an ailing society.

FREE screenings run May 29th, May 30th, June 5th, and June 6th, all from 6-8pm at Community Book Center, 2523 Bayou Rd, New Orleans, 70119. The screenings are presented by a partnership between the Tulane Community Health Center at Covenant House and Community Book Center. Each evening features one-hour of the documentary along with a local speaker working on issues such as housing, healthcare, and immigration in New Orleans. Refreshments available. Got questions? Call 504-948-7323 or 781-975-0294, or e-mail