Categories: Market News
      Date: Jul 30, 2009
     Title: A guide to growing mirlitons

In May 2009, eighteen people became the proud parents of Louisiana mirliton plants through the Crescent City Farmers Market's Adopt-A-Mirliton project.

Download the guide here!

mirlitonThe Adopt-a-Mirliton project goal is to restore the traditional heirloom mirliton varieties that have grown in South Louisiana for decades, but were nearly entirely wiped out by Hurricane Katrina. Plant recipients will be asked to return half their crop to the Market for an annual plant giveaway to re-establish the mirliton, a culturally significant, sustainable backyard food source. Here, Dr. Lance Hill, Executive Director of Tulane University's Southern Institute for Education and Research and local mirliton enthusiast, offers a comprehensive Guide to Growing Mirlitons.