Categories: Market News
      Date: Nov 23, 2009
     Title: Crescent fund winners announced!

After an exciting week of voting the results are in! Thank you everyone for participating! The official voting booth at the market and the online voting system have been tallied; with over 1,000 votes, the market community has decided which projects to fund.

If you missed this round of voting for the Crescent Fund, be sure to cast your vote next time. We will continue to post information about each of these projects as they come to life. Keep in touch to learn more about these projects and see the return on your investment!

The three winners are: (drum roll please...)

1. Carver Gardens, GW Carver Culinary - New Orleans, LA
2. Books 2 Prisoners, The Louisiana Books to Prisoners Project - New Orleans, LA
3. Trouser House Soil and Water Reclamation, Trouser House - New Orleans, LA  

Congratulations to the winners! We are excited to see the next round of applications and will encourage projects that do not receive funding this time to reapply. Check in soon and learn about the upcoming Crescent Fund schedule. Your project could be funded next!