Categories: Recipes
      Date: Jun 29, 2015
     Title: Grilled Spicy Watermelon

It’s the start of the season for debatably the most fun fruit to eat - watermelon! Although biting into a slice and spitting out the seeds can be entertaining, you can also try this alternate way of enjoying the most-consumed melon in the US. Buy the watermelon and honey in this ingredient list from the CCFM, and use this fat-free Grilled Spicy Watermelon (recipe courtesy of the National Watermelon Promotion Board) to accompany Kay and Ray Brandhurst or Clara and Pete Gerica's fresh-caught Louisiana shrimp.

Makes 8-10 servingspic watermelon heart



Preheat grill to high. In bowl, whisk together, lime zest, juice, 3 tbsp (45 mL) of the honey, garlic chili sauce and salt.

Cut watermelon into 1-inch (2.5 cm) thick wedges. Lightly drizzle each side with remaining honey and place on grill. Grill until just browned, about 2 minutes per side. Place watermelon slices on a plate and drizzle with lime dressing. Garnish with cilantro.