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      Date: Apr 15, 2013
     Title: April 15, 2013

April Showers Bring Sunny Flowers

Fresh & Local

Saturday vendor, Lisa Barbato of tomato tart fame, opened her bakery and cafe over this past weekend. But not to worry, Lisa will continue to sell her wares at the Saturday markets! Located at 4226 Magazine Street (near Napoleon Avenue), Rivista will be open 7 am to 3 pm Monday to Friday, and 8 am to 3 pm on the weekends. For the more info, follow Rivista on facebook.

Join us Tuesday from 9am-11am for a Crescent Funded tax-relief Tuesday massage. We will have massage therapists from Balance Massage onhand to help you work out those kinks!

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pick of the week

Pick of the Week: Celery

Fresh celery is a beautiful vegetable to behold. Its vibrant green stalks radiate a scent that can be described as fresh and green. Not only is it one-third of the trinity we use in Louisiana cooking, but it is also antioxidant-rich and a natural anti-inflammatory. Add a little celery to your diet by juicing it or adding it to salads. Find it at market by visiting Tuesday and Saturday vendors Shirley Randon and Timmy Perilloux.

Tuesday’s Green Plate Special

Café Hope has outdone themselves with this Tuesday’s menu! We cannot wait to try the oyster and tomato soup, the sweet potato biscuit and pork belly slider and the strawberry & beet salad. Bring your appetite Tuesday, and finish it all off with their sweet-sounding fresh strawberry tart! Yum!

Green Plate Special

recipe of the week

Recipe of the Week

What do you do with a profusion of green tomatoes? Here is a way to enjoy the unripened beauties for dessert! If this recipe for Green Tomato Cake sounds like a winner to you, visit our greenhouse tomato vendors Cajun Growers (Tuesday and Saturday markets) and Tomotts (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday markets) to pick up some lovely green tomatoes.