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      Date: Jan 27, 2014
     Title: Slow Goat Curry in a Hurry
Goat meat is the healthiest meat available, boasting the fewest calories and the highest protein and iron. Lucky for us, Ryals Rocking R Dairy keeps us stocked with goat meat and milk at Tuesday and Thursday markets. Bill carries goat chops, ground goat meat and more. Because of it's low fat content, goat meat is best when cooked slowly, perfect for the slow cooker, or chilly nights in. 


1 3-4 lb. goat roast

1 can chicken broth

1lb. carrots, sliced

1 green pepper cubed

1 onion, cubed

1 Golden Curry Sauce Mix

1 cup rice, cooked per directions

1 15 oz. can lite yellow cling peaches

Salt, pepper, garlic powder, curry



Put roast, chicken broth, carrots, half the green pepper and half the onion in a crock-pot along with a can of water and adequate salt, pepper, and garlic powder for the vegetables. Cook in crock-pot on LOW for 10 to 12 hrs.

De-bone goat and cube meat. Sauté other half of onion and green pepper in 2 tablespoons of olive oil for 3-5 minutes until onion is clear. Add meat and crumbled curry sauce mix. Stirring constantly, begin adding contents of crock-pot by the ladle full. Bring to simmer and, stirring constantly, simmer 5 minutes.

Finish by stirring in juices from the can of peaches. Then, cut each peach slice into 3 pieces and add, stirring in the peaches. Warm and serve over rice.


Recipe courtesy of Ms. Jean Hall Dwyer, Alabama Cooperative Extention Service