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      Date: Feb 13, 2017
     Title: February 13, 2017

Love at first bite

Fresh & Local

It’s the week of Valentine’s Day! Indulge yourself and your loved ones in special farmers market treats. Gather your groceries and prepare a romantic, healthy, and locally-sourced dinner. Finish it off with some sweet red strawberries for dessert. Looking for gift ideas? Visit the Welcome Tent for merchandise options ranging from reusable bags to farmers market cookbooks to tokens.

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Pick of the Week:
Catfish special

Des Allemands Outlaw Katfish is offering a catfish special at the Tuesday market! Get a 5-pack of catfish for $5.50/lb and save $1.50/lb. Their catfish is so good, it ought to be against the law.

pick of the week

pick of the week


People say carrots are the healthiest vegetable around. They are packed with beta-carotene, fiber, vitamin K, potassium and antioxidants. Carrots have even been linked to lower cholesterol levels and better eyesight! Good thing our markets are filled with them!

Tuesday’s Green Plate Special:
Abita Fresh

Abita Fresh is the Green Plate Special for the month of February! They’ll be serving up grits and grillades with vegetarian options for the non-meat eaters. Learn more about Abita Fresh by visiting their website.

Green Plate Special Vendor

recipe of the week

Recipe of the Week:
Baked Cajun Catfish with Greens

It’s Valentine’s Day week, so we’re celebrating our hearts! The American Heart Association has given a heart-healthy twist to the traditional baked cajun catfish recipe. Purchase your catfish on sale from Des Allemands, grab your favorite variety of greens from our vendors, and start cooking! This quick and inexpensive recipe will have you thrilled to be treating your heart so well.

What’s your favorite dish to make at home from the goods you buy at our market? Share them with us on Instagram (@crescentcityfarmersmkt) and have your recipe featured in our weekly newsletter!