Categories: Market News
      Date: Sep 15, 2016
     Title: Crescent City Farmers Market feels effects of recent flooding

NEW ORLEANS, La. - Farmers Markets are feeling the effects of the recent flooding.

Recently, markets held in the Crescent City have dwindled in size because some vendors are having to deal with the loss of not just their homes, but their crops as well.

Each week, the American Can parking lot on Orleans Avenue comes to life.

"I live in the neighborhood so I come here every Thursday and I get my fish from Pete and Clara's booth," said frequent customer, Laurie Dawes. "I love this place."

From the smell of homemade cakes and candy, to fresh seafood, residents come to support local merchants at the Crescent City Farmers Market.

"It's something the public should come out and enjoy," said Clara Gerica, of Pete and Clara's Seafood. "There's nothing like fresh produce, fresh seafood and fresh products."

However, lately shoppers are noting a difference.

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