Shrimp and Okra Bhuna

We love using local ingredients to make international dishes like this Shrimp and Okra Bhuna. Come out to the market this week for green and burgundy okra and gorgeous fresh caught Louisiana shrimp.

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Green Market Watermelon & Summer Vegetable Salad

On a sticky, July morning many years ago, beloved Commander's Palace chef Jamie Shannon rolled into the Saturday Market on his motorcycle with a team of chefs ready to transform the pedestrian Stars & Stripes watermelon into the base of this Green Market Watermelon & Summer Vegetable Salad. Years later we're still enjoying it and remembering our friend Jamie fondly.

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Collard Wraps

We’re so thrilled to see the greens slowly make their return to market as the Fall continues its approach to New Orleans. They’re small in number now so be sure to get to market early to get some for yourself.

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Tomato Blue Cheese Napoleon

Since the time of Napoleon Bonaparte, New Orleanians have never tired of all things Napoleonic. After Napoleon’s final defeat, many of his soldiers deserted the French army and took exile in the very Francophile city of New Orleans, where a movement began to petition the French government to send Napoleon to Louisiana. We never got the little dictator, but he lives on in countless dishes bearing his name.

Dickie Brennan himself is credited with creating this favorite starter that has been a popular way to begin a meal at his steak house since its opening in 1998. His version of remoulade sauce is very unusual in that it’s not as fiery as the versions at other restaurants. Its creaminess reminds me of my great-grandmother’s homemade Thousand Island dressing.

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Sweet Potato Hummus

If you bake a few sweet potatoes at a time, you can eat some fresh and use the rest for hummus.

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Eggplant Caviar

The recipe calls for two large eggplants, but several of the smaller varieties are a fine substitute.

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Eggplant Pasta

It’s real hot out and while most crops can’t handle it, eggplants are hanging in there. Looking for a new way to cook em up? Try slicing them thin and making some Eggplant Pasta with them!

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Grilled Vegetable Poboys

Nothing like a good summer time cook out. But what to throw on the grill for those vegetarians of the family? These Grilled Vegetable Po-boys make both a great addition to your tailgating menu and a quick, easy weeknight dinner.

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Simple Butterbeans

The Indian Springs Farmers Co-op has been bringing their delicious fresh shelled beans to all of our markets for years. If you haven’t picked up a bag for yourself yet, stop by market this week and do so! Check out this recipe that’ll have you right on your way to enjoying these tasty legumes.

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Roko’s Charbroiled Oysters

Try this recipe for Roko's Charbroiled Oysters, courtesy of deeply missed market vendor, Croatian oysterman Roko Tvrdeic and his Empire, Louisiana–born wife Patsy.

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