Pumpkin Soup with Lime Leaf and Coconut

This Vietnamese-style twist on a fall favorite from VietWorldKitchen will have you reaching for your soup pot and immersion blender time and time again. Although some of the ingredients may look intimidating, they are easily substituted for more readily available options. Feel free to swap a stalk of fresh lemongrass for the kaffir lime leaves, and ginger works perfectly in place of galangal (learn the difference between the two here). For a meat-free version, leave out the bacon and use vegetable stock. This highly adaptable and hard-to-mess-up soup…

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Satsuma Madeleines

Satsumas are creeping into the market and what a better way to celebrate than satsuma madeleines! Try this delicious recipe from For the Love of the South which calls for lots of butter and local honey. Find satsumas and honey at all of our weekly markets!

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Roasted Chicken with Persimmons and Sage

Salty meets sweet in this roasted chicken with persimmons and sage recipe from Adventures in Cooking. The unlikely pair works together beautifully, bringing a fresh take to an old classic. Pick up some persimmons and try out this simple recipe for your next dinner party. Let us know what you think!

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Sautéed Mustard Greens with Garlic and Lemon

Scoop up some of the first of the season greens and cook ‘em down with this no-frills Southern Living recipe. Greens are a staple in every Louisiana kitchen and every southerner should know how to prepare them. Try this simple version or opt for your Mawmaw’s family recipe that includes ham or bacon fat. Either way, they will be delicious!

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Muscadine Mojitos

It’s hot y’all. Stay cool during the last of these summer days with this muscadine mojito recipe by Cooking Bride. When simmered with some sugar and water they produce a lovely, pink-hued simple syrup. Fresh lime juice and mint leaves cuts the sweetness of the syrup. It’s a perfect, refreshing drink for your Labor Day cook out!

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Butternut Squash Creamy Pasta Sauce

With kids back in school, we look for every opportunity to get tasty, healthful meals on the table, while we’re still adjusting to the new schedule. Butternut squash is abundant in the summer but can be stored for long periods and be used during the winter, which is how the winter squash (butternut, acorn, kabocha, delicata, etc.) get this designation. Used in place of cheese in a pasta recipe like this is a healthy way to sneak veg into a dish everyone can enjoy. Feel free to incorporate cream for a richer sauce, or add fried sage leaves to the dish, or just to the plate of the grown-ups at the table, depending on your kid’s pallet. And much of t…

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Squash Stuffed Bell Peppers

Check out this seasonal stuffed bell pepper recipe by MUO staff Caryn Blair. She was last seen serving this dish at the Broadmoor Improvement Association's Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies, Healthy Communities fair. It was a big hit with the crowd! You can try different types of squash (summer zucchini or winter butternut) and different types of peppers. Even switching up green and red bells add visual interest to the platter, and some flavor variety to choose from. Serve alongside Market fresh salad, and you’ve got a complete meal.

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Smothered Okra And Tomatoes

Are you tired of okra yet? No? Good! Check out this Emerils recipe for smothered okra and tomatoes, a classic in Southern Louisiana cuisine. While some veggies are calling it quits for the summer, okra is abundant and here for the long haul, but that’s okay because it is delicious and nutritious. Pair it with some last of the season tomatoes and you are good to go!

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Puerto Rican Red Beans and Rice

Beans and rice are a staple in many cuisines, not just Cajun and Creole. In fact, red beans are often served alongside potatoes or used in curry-based meals. Try this Puerto Rican inspired red beans recipe from Food and Wine this week with fresh beans from Johndale Farm and bacon from Country Girls Creamery. The adobo seasoning, which can also be picked up from Spicy Lady Seasonings at the market, pairs well with the rich and creamy beans and is a delicious and quick weeknight meal that won’t heat up your house.

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Chanterelle Risotto

Chanterelles are in abundance at the market lately so check out this creamy risotto recipe from Honest Food. As Hank Shaw mentions, “chanties” love the summer in the south and pair well with sweet corn and cream. You can find delicious sweet corn from the likes of Indian Springs Farmers Association Co-op, Johndale Farm, Timmy Perilloux, Monica’s Okra World, LA Growers Co-Op and more! Don’t skip the butter - pick some up at Country Girl Creamery or T&R Dairy Farm’s tents (you won’t be sorry!)

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