Old-fashioned Strawberry Dumplings

It's peak strawberry season, which means the berries are plentiful and prices are low. Stem and freeze berries to enjoy dishes like these Old-fashioned Strawberry Dumplings year-round!

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Crawfish Kowalski

Make Jeannie Fonseca your first stop at the Tuesday Market for the Louisiana crawfish tails you'll need for this Crawfish Kowalski. Then pick up a pack of smoked sausage from Isabel Mendez, butter and cream from Progress Milk Barn and a bunch of green onions from one of our fantastic produce vendors. There are bunches and bunches of them at the market right now.

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Sautéed Drum with Spinach, Oysters, Shiitakes and Tasso

When Chef Tenney Flynn, Ruth’s Chris Steak House corporate director of culinary operations, met Gary Wollerman, Ruth’s Chris executive vice president and CEO, they discovered a shared passion for creating the finest experience in dining, from the simplest seasonal ingredients to the highest level of guest service. In time, they were inspired to leave the prime steak house business behind and create a world-class prime seafood house—GW Fins. The first of its kind in a town known for seafood, GW Fins offers the freshest offerings from the seas of the world along with the bounty of the nearby Gulf in inventive new dishes such as this sautéed drum.

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Curried Crab Pilaf with Coconut Milk

Chef Susan Spicer tinkered with the Caribbean flavors in this rice pilaf until she created the perfect flavor combination. The pilaf is a wonderful meal by itself, but Chef Spicer often serves it with grilled fish and other seafood.

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White Bean, Greens & Roasted Shiitake Soup

One of the best things about Fall is the return of greens! We love using them to add depth and nutrition to soups, like the greens in this White Bean, Greens & Roasted Shiitake Soup. Whether you use collards, mustard greens, turnip greens, bok choy, or tat soi, greens are a sure win in the nutrition and taste department.

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Slow Goat Curry in a Hurry

Goat meat is the healthiest meat available, boasting the fewest calories and the highest protein and iron. Lucky for us, Ryals Rocking R Dairy keeps us stocked with goat meat and milk at Tuesday and Thursday markets. Bill carries goat chops, ground goat meat and more. Because of it's low fat content, goat meat is best when cooked slowly, perfect for the slow cooker, or chilly nights in. 

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Savory Mushroom Bread Pudding

Chef Anne Churchill is full of great recipe ideas, especially vegetarian ones like this Savory Mushroom Bread Pudding! Highlighting the nutty flavor of the mushrooms and the chewiness of French bread, this dish is a fantastic side item or main course for those Meatless Mondays or Sunday Brunch!

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Broiled Plaquemines Grapefruit

When the weather chills, it means grapefruit are abundant. Fight the chill and the seasonal cold with this delicious recipe, highlighting the tart sweetness of these winter treats. Adding Louisiana raw sugar keeps this totally local. Off the sugar this year? Try agave nectar or honey instead. Grapefruit are gracing the tables of our wonderful Plaquemines Parish vendors, so stock up at market to serve this handy breakfast, snack, or dessert ready whenever the fancy strikes!

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Sweet Potato and Spinach Soup

The two main healthy ingredients in this Sweet Potato and Spinach Soup are both in season and available at the CCFM right now. Other less than healthy, but equally (more?) delicious ingredients on the list - smoked sausage and heavy whipping cream - are available year-round!

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Calas can still be found today in the open-air markets of Africa, where they were originally given their name in the native Bantu tongue of the region. This simple rice fritter arrived in New Orleans in the minds and hearts of the enslaved rice-growing peoples from Africa. During the French colonial period (before the Louisiana Purchase in 1803), the Code Noir decreed that slaves were required to have at least one day off each week. That day was often devoted to street vending. “Calas, calas, belles calas tout chauds” was the call that heralded the arrival of the calas lady. Calas had almost been forgotten when the Slow Food movement began to promote their revival.

Representing the local Slow Food convivia, I served calas on a cold winter day at the Uptown marke…

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