Blueberry Agua Fresca

Cool things down with this refreshing blueberry agua fresca from FOOD52. Pick up some blueberries from your favorite market, a bunch of mint, and some sparkling water for a fresh snap! We will be drinking this all summer!

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Summer Squash Gratin

Hot dang! This squash dish on the menu this week features yummy summer squash, gooey cheese, and melty goodness ready for my tummy. This recipe is super easy and you can find next to ALL of the ingredients at the market, and kid-friendly. Can’t wait!

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Sesame Baked Tofu & Shiitake Mushrooms

Are you looking for a quick, easy, and delicious recipe to whip up with the shiitakes you found at the market? Check this one out from FOOD 52! This dish is perfect served alone, with a vegetable like squash, or on top of a bed of pasta. Make sure you stop by VEGGI Co-op for your tofu and you are set!

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Spring Veggie Pasta Primavera

This recipe from Saveur highlights many of the new items we’ve been seeing at the market lately - peas, yellow squash, zucchini - and some that will soon be done for the season like broccoli. It’s a little heavy with all that cream, so enjoy its savoriness as is, or lighten it up by subbing in whole milk for cream and reducing the quantity. The beauty of a recipe like this that features such a melange is that you can adjust it seasonally, using any variety of produce. You know we love versatility like this in a recipe, and also the fact that a single dish is a stand-alone meal - cutting down on prep time and dishes afterward. It’s also great with a salad and lettuce is abundant right now.

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Peas and Green beans with arugula mint pesto

This recipe makes the most of what here in climate zone 9 is classic springtime selection. All of the main ingredients are available now, and if you wanted to keep it totally local (think of it as Eat Local Challenge prep for June), you could swap in pecans for the almonds in the pesto. Double the pesto recipe and have some on hand for pasta, eggs or soup topping -it freezes for months. Or, simplify the whole thing by picking up some ready-made pesto from Paul’s Palate or Our Family Farm. This recipe invites endless riffing by using different varieties or colors of beans or peas, or different pestos. Think purple and wax beans, snap peas, and a vibrant parsley pesto for a c…

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Blackberry Galette with Goat Cheese

Looking for an easy, versatile recipe for berries? Look no further - this galette recipe from Food52 is loaded with fresh berries and goat cheese, and you can find both at our market! Galette’s are a great, free-form pastry you can do in both sweet and savory versions. Add either to your repertoire for delicious dinners or desserts, and feed your guests through their eyes first. For this one, you can use plain goat cheese, or one laced with lavender or other herbs. At this time of year, a mixed-berry approach is also a sure bet. Have you checked out G&M Goat Farm’s selection? Try a savory blend with sweet blackberries and a pinch of flaky salt on top. You will not be dis…

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Roasted Beets with Balsamic Glaze

If your only experience with beets has been from a can, please, give them another chance. It doesn’t have to be that way. This recipe is a simple one that enhances the incredible natural sweetness of beets through roasting and then glazed with a simple reduction of vinegar and sugar. While time intensive, it’s almost all hands-off cook time so start them first, let the magic happen while you get everything else together, and then finish and serve this simple side. If you love it, try it with other root vegetables like carrots or kohlrabi, or any combination of your choice.

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Roasted Radishes

Y’all. This recipe by the Clever Carrot is killing it and it only has 4 ingredients. Yup. Four. This is my go-to spring recipe for radishes. While radishes are just fine sliced or pickled in a salad, like with so many vegetables, roasting reveals a whole new flavor profile. We have been seeing scarlet radishes at market and when roasted, they become soft, almost creamy and much more mellow in flavor which couples perfectly with the heat of the lemon pepper, bringing these up a notch. Pick some up on your next market run!

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Herbes de Provence & Rose Olive Oil Cake

Our recipe of the week from Local Milk Blog was picked because I literally just made this cake for Easter and it was AMAZING! I picked up my herbs de Provence from Spicy Lady Seasonings, buttermilk from Country Girls Creamery, and made my own rose water from my neighbor’s bushes (shhh…). I even layered in some early peach & rose geranium jam from Jamboree Jams just to be extra fancy. Next time, I am going to make strawberry icing - this cake is super versatile and yummy! 10/10 would make again.

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Tomato-Pesto Fritata

Say what you want about Martha Stewart, Everyday Food is a gem that gave us this, a highly versatile recipe that you can make with any combination of tomato and pesto varieties, for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Think lemon parsley pesto from Paul’s Palate paired with thick slices of Carolina Gold tomato from Poche’s Family Farm, or combine a deep Cherokee Purple or Brandywine heirloom tomato with a bright traditional basil pesto. Serve with a fresh salad, bracingly dressed, or add to your favorite bunch spread, this one’s always a crowd pleaser. Use fresh mozzarella from County Girl’s Creamery or fresh goat cheese from G&M Goat Farm, eggs from Peeps Farm, Our Family Farm, Mendez or Jo…

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