Frozen Creole Cream Cheese

Before its resurgence in the early twenty-first century, Creole cream cheese was either eaten with a little cream and sugar or salt and pepper for breakfast, or served frozen as dessert. Please note—this dish should always be called Frozen Creole Cream Cheese and never Creole Cream Cheese Ice Cream. The cream cheese itself forms the creamy base, and the recipe does not include a cooked custard base that would qualify it as ice cream.

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Bananas foster bread pudding

Bananas Foster was invented at Brennan’s Restaurant when flaming tableside desserts were all the rage. At the popular French Quarter steak house owned by Dickie Brennan, a member of the second generation of Brennan family restaurateurs, two of the most classic New Orleans desserts create a marriage made in heaven.

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Creole Cream Cheese Pecan Pound Cake

Creole Cream Cheese - Smith's CreameryThis Saturday we will have Eula Mae's Pecan Party Tarts on hand for everyone to try, but if your mouth is watering for a sweet pecan treat now, try this Creole Cream Cheese Pecan Pound Cake.  You can get creole cream cheese from any of our three dairy vendors (Progress Milk Barn, Mauthe Farm and Rocking R Dairy) at any of our three markets.

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Chicken & Shrimp Clemenceau

Pick up some boneless chicken breasts from new Saturday pastured poultry vendor Donald Keller of Bayou Farms this weekend for this Chicken & Shrimp Clemenceau. Or pick up a whole bird to roast. Here are some great cooking tips for pastured poultry, shared by one of our great chicken farmers. He recommends cooking it at a lower temperature for a shorter period of time than conventional or free-range chicken: 300 degrees for 1 1/2-2 hours, or to 150-160 degrees internal temperature for whole birds.

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Crabmeat Caribe

We've been craving crabmeat lately, so we hugged Jeannie Fonseca when she had jumbo lump, lump and claw meat at last Tuesday's market. While we can't guarantee she'll have it this week, if she does, be sure to pick some up for this Crabmeat Caribe, recipe courtesy of our good friends at Galatoire's.

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Wild Mushroom Grillades

Add Cajun Grain rice grits and fresh shiitake mushrooms to your farmers market shopping list for these Wild Mushroom Grillades, an innovative take on a classic New Orleans dish.

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Wonder Hash

One of many more ways we love beets are in Dante's Kitchen Chef Eman Loubier's Wonder Hash. We highly recommend doubling, if not tripling the recipe.

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Pineywoods Grillades & Grits

Feed a bunch with this great recipe. Using Cajun Grain's brand new rice grits and beef from Justin Pitts, this will please a food loving crowd.

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Peruvian shrimp and corn chowder

With a Puerto Rican father and a Dutch mother, Pete Vazquez was born with an international palate. By 1996, the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, native and his wife Janice were showcasing one of the most eclectic and ambitious menus ever seen in New Orleans. Thailand, Spain, Vietnam, Tasmania, Peru—at Marisol, their Esplanade Avenue restaurant, the cuisines of the world became Pete’s culinary playground. After Hurricane Katrina closed Marisol, New Orleanians flocked to Chef Pete’s impromptu Sunday dinners in the tropical courtyard of Bacchanal, a wine and spirits store in the Upper Ninth Ward. Pete is still a wandering chef, but you can take a culinary adventure with him via this unconventional chowder.

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Cushaw Pie

Fall is officially here! Some greens and winter squashes like cushaw have already made their debuts at the market. See the Monica's for first of the season winter squash for this Cushaw Pie and bags of cut okra to freeze for gumbo as the weather continues to cool.

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