Board Of Directors

We rely upon a community of advisors to steer policy, plan for economic sustainability, and measure impact. Board members serve two-year terms; management teams dedicated to specific projects often help us identify future board members. Our newly developed Brain Trust will serve as a pool of intellectual capital from which we seek inspiration and guidance.

2016 Market Umbrella Board of Directors

E. Howell Crosby, President

Ann Thompson, Vice President

Natalie Barranco, CPA, Treasurer

Avery Corenswet, Recording Secretary

David Baker

Kia Silverman Brown

Rusty Gaude

Monique McCleskey

H.V. Nagendra

Katie Rosenblum

David Waller

2016 Community Advisory Team

Paul Arceneaux

Robin Barnes

Margaret Beer

Tac Crosby

Bruce Gallassero

Clara Gerica

Kristina Gibson

Eli Klarman

Katie Landry

Kendra LeSar

Danielle Paciera, RD, CCN

Darlene Robért

Heather Robertson

Pam Romero

Alon Shaya

Semmes Walmsley

Leah Whann

2016 Brain Trust

John Abajian

Ben Burkett

Michael Kane

Sharon Litwin

Richard McCarthy, IV

Cathy Pierson

Roy Priest

Ted Quant

Poppy Tooker

Crescent City Farmers Market Founders

John Abajian

Sharon Litwin

Richard McCarthy, IV

Market Umbrella


Market Umbrella is an independent nonprofit 501(c)(3), based in New Orleans, whose mission is to cultivate the field of public markets for public good. Market Umbrella has operated the Crescent City Farmers Markets (CCFM) since 1995.

Crescent City Farmers Market


The Crescent City Farmers Market operates weekly year-round in four New Orleans neighborhoods. The market hosts nearly 80 local small farmers, fishers and food producers, and more than 100,000 shoppers annually.