Circle Match

Circle Match is a grocery store-based incentive program launched in 2015 in conjunction with Circle Food Store. It expands Market Match, a project designed to increase access to fresh fruits and vegetables for low-income New Orleans residents through the SNAP incentives.

Shoppers who spend $5 at Circle Foods receive an additional $5 coupon to be used on fresh fruits and vegetables. Shoppers using Circle Match reported tasting at least one new fresh fruit or vegetable, learning how to cook and store different types of produce, and accurately naming health benefits to daily fruit and vegetable consumption!

Through the partnership with Market Umbrella, Circle Foods has significantly increased their fruit and vegetable sales and their base of local farm suppliers. The Circle Match fruit and vegetable initiative is implemented and evaluated at Circle Food Store with the assistance of national experts with Fair Food Network and The Food Trust.

Anyone with a Louisiana Purchase SNAP benefit card is eligble for this program!  Questions? Call (504) 861-4485.