Crescent Funded

From 2008-2011, the Crescent City Farmers Market's Crescent Fund invested in the following 12 projects.Each investment of $500 contributed to the public good by benefitting food producers, consumers and wider community. Both food traditions and social innovation were weighted to contribute to the regional public good.

Greener, Stronger, Smarter Kidz Kedila Family Learning Center hosts a summer program to introduce inner city students to gardening. Kedila sought out the fund to procure  the tools and seeds necessary to start the school garden. Students will be exposed to green products and organic food. What they learn at the program will reinforce healthy eating habits.

GW Carver Culinary A school culinary program gets students cooking in the classroom. Students learn the fundamentals of food from buying ingredients to preparing meals. Funds are used to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables from the Market.

Louisiana Books 2 Prisoners A local non-profit sends free reading materials to prisoners aiming to increase their literacy rates and make them less likely to "re-offend." The program aids the community by improving and encouraging literacy among prisoners and prison populations. Funds will be used for postage and other shipping costs.

NOLA Bike Map Project The Bike Map project aims to create a high quality cycling map of New Orleans. Volunteers map area streets and rate them on factors such as pavement quality, car travel speed,  and land width. Funds are utilized on professional printing of the map for distribution at community events, schools, and bike shops.

Rivista Bakery Crescent City Farmers Market Vendor Lisa Barbato found herself in need of a commercial oven. Lisa used her new oven to bring a larger and more varied selection of cookies and breads to market. Repayment of the fund takes the shape of delicious baked goods for market events.

R.U.B.A.R.B. "Rusted Up Beyond All Recognition Bikes" This small community center and bike shop located in New Orleans upper 9th ward provides services for area youth and adults ranging from bicycle repair training to field trips to the beach. R.U.B.A.R.B. used the funds to pay for much needed shop repairs, field trip events and replenished bike supplies.

Small Axe Farms Youth Gardening Initiative Based on Seattle's Youth Garden Works, Small Axe aims to improve the marketability of homeless teens through hands-on job skills training. Their training consisted of creating a small-scale urban farm in the Bywater. The Crescent Fund supplied labor to prepare the site as well as the necessary tools and equipment.

Sowing Seeds of Knowledge Garden The Good Shepherd School used their infusion to purchase materials to create a school garden. The students are taught about gardening and healthy food alternatives. The skills learned from the school garden  can be applied to their communities by creating their own garden and to their families by making healthier choices at the grocery store or market.

The Kids Rethink New Orleans Public Schools Summer Camp Lunch Program The Rethinkers raise their voices to the top issues they are faced with in school. The fund provided students and staff with healthy lunches from a local chef.

Tool Lending Library of Hands On New Orleans created a tool lending library of the power tools, equipment and other gear necessary to rebuild or repair a home. Funds were used to purchase the necessary items to create an Energy Auditing Kit for members to evaluate how efficiently their homes use energy. The Library gave memberships to the market community and completed repair work on market equipment.

Trouser House Soil and Water Reclamation Trouser House is an urban farming initiative in the St. Claude Arts District that advances contemporary art, nurtures food activism and furthers community cohesion. The farm used funds to build a multi-tank water rainwater harvesting system and purchase healthy soil for its raised beds.

White Oaks Farm Crescent City Farmers Market Vendor Shirley Randon applied to the Crescent Fund after the snow storm of December 2008 destroyed all five of her farm's greenhouses. The funds were used to pay for debris removal and to prepare the land for the new buildings.