Green Plate Special

Max Well Cafe

Tuesdays at the Uptown Farmers Market

Check out our weekly Green Plate Special at the Tuesday Market. Each month we invite a local chef to be our chef-in-residence. They dream up fresh, affordable plate lunches that showcase the local, seasonal ingredients available at the CCFM. Meet a friend for lunch, or pick up dinner & take a night off from cooking.

What’s Cooking this March?Green Plate Special

By way of MiNO Foundation, we welcome Max Well Cafe to the GPS every Tuesday in March. Born and raised in Mid-City and a graduate of Warren Easton High School, Alex Anderson grew up surrounded by the cultural influences that shape New Orleans. Her earliest memories include cooking alongside her grandmother and watching the care that goes into creating a meal. Those experiences in the kitchen with family shaped her passion for cooking and love for serving others.

Alex Anderson is amongst the most recent recipients of the Made in New Orleans scholarship. In 2016, someone Alex credits as “seeing more in me than I ever saw in myself” told her about the scholarship as her desire to learn and grow fueled her passion. While in New York studying at the International Culinary Center, Alex worked at the Michelin Star restaurant NIX, and it was during that time that she made the decision to be a lifelong vegan and devote her culinary career to that practice. Alex graduated in 2018 with honors from the International Culinary Center and is back in New Orleans to fulfill her vocation of serving the New Orleans vegan community. Alex’s culinary focus is centered around health and wellness, and she is currently the head chef at Max Well Cafe on Magazine Street.

Green Plate Special Featured Restaurants:


March - Max Well Cafe

February - Paella NOLA

Janaury - ROOTs


December - Chef Aaron Burgau and Gabrielle Restaurant

November - Carrollton Market

October - Frencheeze Food Truck

September - Bua Thai Kitchen

August - Rimon

July - La Vie en Rose Cafe

June - South of Eden

May - La Monita

April - Del Fuego Taqueria

March - La Cocinita Food Truck

February - ROOTs

January - Casa Borrega


December - Sneaky Pickle

November - Z’KAYA

October - La Monita Pop Up

September - ROOTs

August - Frencheeze Food Truck

July - Piece of Meat Butcher

June - La Cocinita

May - Pepper Lantern

April - Del Fuego

March - Lahpet

February - Abita Fresh

January - Casa Borrega


December - Fete au Fete

November - Frencheeze Food Truck

October - Red Gravy

September - La Cocinita

August - HK NOLA

July - Frencheeze Food Truck

June - HK NOLA

May - Carrollton Market

April - Baru

March - Lahpet

February - L’enfant Terrible

January - Casa Borrega


December - La Cocinita

November - Frencheeze

October - Red Gravy

September - L’Enfant Terrible

August - La Cocinita

July - Pizza Domenica

June - Lahpet

May - Casa Borrega

April - Hillel’s Kitchen

March - Carrollton Market

February - Breads on Oak

January - St. Clair Wood Fired Pizza


December - Canal Street Bistro

November - Frencheeze Food Truck

October - La Cocinita

September - Seed

August - Breads on Oak

July - Carollton Market

June - Maurepas Foods

May - Empanada Intifada

April - Domenica

March - Rue Chow

February - Hillel’s Kitchen

January - Hillel’s Kitchen


December - Casa Borrega

November - Chef Anne Churchill from Bhava

October - Woody's Fish Tacos | La Cocinita

September - Rue Chow | La Cocinita

August - Purloo

July - Red Gravy

June - Empanada Intifada

May - Taceaux Loceaux

April - Café Hope

March - Ralph Brennan Restaurant Group

February - Lisa Barbato of Rivista

January - Chef Anne Churchill from Bhava


December - a Mano

November - La Divina Gelateria

October - Woody's Fish Tacos

September - Apolline

August - Empanada Intifada

July - Chef Guillermo Peters of Canal Street Bistro

June - Chris Gerica

May - Domenica

April - Greg and Mary Sonnier of The Uptowner

March - Fat Hen Grocery

February - Pam Warner, a.k.a. Hot Tamale Mama

Janaury - Beaucoup Juice


December - Geaux Plates

November - Ann Churchill of Karma Kitchen

October - Ralph Brennan Restaurant Group

September - Woody's Fish Tacos

August - La Divina Gelateria

July - St. James Cheese Company

June - Susan Spicer’s Mondo

May - Mark Quitney of 5 Fifty 5

April - Domenica

March - Woody's Fish Tacos

February - Graison Gill and Anne Churchill

January - Greg and Mary Sonnier


December - Taceaux Loceaux

November - Satsuma

October - Cafe Minh

September - Woody's Fish Tacos

August - Beaucoup Juice

July - Surrey's Cafe

June - Emeril's restaurants

May - Cafe Adelaide

April - Sara's Restaurant & Curry Corner

March - Woody's Fish Tacos

February - Karma Kitchen, Chef Anne Churchill

January - Gabrielle at the Uptowner


December - Link Restaurant Group - Herbsaint, Cochon & Cochon Butcher

November - Le Meritage

October - JägerHaus

September - Rio Mar

August - Gelato Pazzo

July - MiLa

June - Savvy Gourmet

May - Boucherie

April - the Grill Room at the Windsor Court

March - Woody's Fish Tacos (Woody Ruiz)

February - The Crescent Pie and Sausage Company
(aka Bart Bell and Jeff Baron)

January - Commander's Palace


December - Patois & Dante's Kitchen

November - Ralph Brennan Restaurant Group:
Bacco, Red Fish Grill & Ralph's on the Park

October - NOLA Bean

September - Gelato Pazzo

August - Voodough Bakery

July - Voodough Bakery

June - Crepes a la Carts

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