seeking investment

1. Public Market Vendors (select one)

Mulch Lifting Machine
Crescent City Farmers Market vendors Anthony and Jocelyn Accardo (Paulina, LA)
Accardo farms needs a new mulch lifting machine to increase efficiency at planting time.

Tee Pam Pies Oven
Crescent City Farmers Market vendors David and Pam Shaw (Petal, MS)
Farmer David Shaw brings a small amount of lemon and sweet potato pies to market. The purchase of a new oven is necessary to increase production.

Nature Provides Greenhouse Construction
Sankofa Marketplace Vendor Connie Ward  (New Orleans, LA)
Nature Provides urban farmer Connie Ward must build a greenhouse to lengthen the growing season into the winter months.

Bayou Brew
Freret and Harrison Avenue vendor Renee Brown (New Orleans, LA)
Bayou Brew would like to add a 16oz. size to its line of all natural beverages. The cash infusion will be spent on the bottles for production.

Ampelonartist Ghanaian Soap Supplies
Armstrong Park and Oretha Castly Haley Art Market vendor Anika Watson (New Orleans, LA
Raw black soap, shea butter, olive oil and other supplies are needed to produce Ampelonartist’s proprietary blend of Ghanaian black soap.

2. Community Projects (select one)

The NO LAW Brawls - New Orleans Ladies Arm Wrestling
NO LAW hosts raucous performance-based competitions that empower women and provide monetary support for women-focused projects. Funds will be used to purchase event supplies and thank you gifts for volunteers.

Culinary Classes for Children at the Market - Sankofa Farmers Market
In order to encourage and promote fruit and vegetable consumption in the Lower 9th Ward, the Sankofa Farmers Market will use this cash infusion to implement a series of free culinary classes for children at the market. Funding will enable the market to purchase fresh produce from market vendors, food preparation materials, a $5 incentive token for youth participants, and development of a recipe card.

Sheaux Fresh Convenient Composting - Sheaux Fresh Sustainable Foods
Sheaux Fresh’s mission is to help themselves and others to grow fresh, healthy food for their families. Their current compost system is an open area built with discarded shipping pallets. The cash infusion would be spent on four 65 gallon compost tumblers that will save hours of time previously spent turning the compost manually with a shovel and pitchfork.

Gardening on the Playground - ReNEW Schools
ReNEW schools SciTech, Batiste and Reed Elementary seek funds to build school gardens to beatify the school and community, create outdoor learning spaces for cross-curricular learning activities, and increase parent and community involvement in schools.

Garden on the Marais - Elan Ministries
Elan Ministries is working on developing a neighborhood garden, Garden on Marais, in the Upper Ninth Ward in New Orleans. Their vision is to provide an educational space for people in our communities to learn to grow their own foods as well as grow foods on site that will be available for selling. Funds will be used to build several raised container gardens to get started with planting and harvesting.

Young Ladies of Desire - A Desire for Change
Young Ladies of Desire is a year round mentoring program that empowers young women in the ninth ward community. The program focuses on teaching girls about real life issues, completing community services, and taking educational trips. The funds will be used to take a summer campus tour of Spelman and Clark Atlanta.

Entrepreneurship Summer Camp Program - Leona Tate Foundation for Change
The LTFC hosts a multicultural summer camp with an entrepreneurship program. The campers will choose develop their own projects and use the funds to purchase their supplies.

Magnolia Garden - New Orleans Neighborhood Development Collaborative
Residents in Central City want a community garden! The New Orleans Neighborhood Development Collaborative is an affordable housing development organization that builds and sells homes in Central City and assists neighbors with beautification projects to make their blocks better places to live. A resident-led garden at the corner of Josephine and Magnolia would be a perfect catalyst for further positive growth in the area. Funds would be used construct fencing and raised beds.

Seed Money - Grow Dat Youth Farm
The Grow Dat Youth Farm’s mission is to nurture a diverse group of young leaders through the meaningful work of growing food. The Farm seeks a cash infusion to help launch a farm site in City Park. The funds will be used to purchase seeds, seedlings and soil amendments for our first acre of growing space. On our farm we work collaboratively to produce healthy food for local residents and to inspire youth and adults to create personal, social and environmental change in their own communities.


3. Special Japanese consideration (yes or no)

The Sunday Beach Market in Hata, Japan
Organizers have launched their version of the Crescent Fund in the wake of the recent Tsunami. Inspired by Japanese philosopher Takashi Uchiyama's idea of cold money and warm money, the 3.11 One Percent Project collects one percent from shoppers, vendors and the market administration to allocate "warm" money to build relationships between people by investing in human needs in the earthquake zone. This is the same group who raised $7,000 to establish the Crescent Fund after Hurricane Katrina.
Would you like the Crescent Fund to contribute $500 to their efforts?