From the time we first pitched our tents in Downtown New Orleans, our goals at Crescent City Farmers Market have remained in place: to bring new life to public spaces; to cultivate sustainable, regional development through a shared love of food; and to create models for turning cultural assets into economic ones. Our accomplishments would not have been possible without the generous support of the community and the volunteers.

The Crescent City Farmers Market operates with a balanced mix of earned income, grants, individual donations and a modest endowment housed at the Greater New Orleans Foundation. We carefully consider how and where we spend our resources, a strategy that has helped us forge long-term partnerships with foundations and corporate donors. We are grateful for their support, as well as that of the countless volunteers and individual donors who have shared their time and dollars to help make our Market a success.

Please join us in our effort to build a stronger, healthier community! To donate online click here.