Marketmatch: Meeting Shoppers Halfway

We believe farmers markets should benefit farmers, shoppers and the wider community. During our MarketMatch campaigns, we offer incentives to vulnerable consumers new to farmers markets. Participants discover the magic of markets by actively purchasing local foods directly from farmers and fishers.

Download a printable version of our flyer here.

MarketMatch for SNAP

Are you enrolled in SNAP, the federal program also known as Food Stamps? SNAP stands for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. Here’s how it works: First, purchase wooden tokens from the Market’s Welcome Tent with your Electronic Benefit Transfer card (or EBT). In Louisiana, it is called the Louisiana Purchase card.

During MarketMatch campaign season, we meet you halfway by matching up to $20 of your SNAP purchases per visit with wooden tokens. Learn cooking tips and how to stretch your dollars by purchasing wisely at the peak of the season.

If you join us, you will not be alone. Since 2008, MarketMatch has helped us to increase SNAP purchases by 348%. This also contributes to broadening the Market community itself. More vulnerable families are drawn to the CCFM for both the produce and the people. Kids join the Marketeer Club. Adults learn how to participate in additional preventative health programs.

Read more about MarketMatch for SNAP success in our Case Study.

MarketMatch for FMNP

The Farmers Market Nutrition Program (FMNP) is a USDA program that distributes vouchers for eligible seniors (S/FMNP) and WIC recipients (WIC/FMNP). In order to encourage new and expecting mothers to participate in FMNP, we match recipients with Market tokens in the amount of the FMNP voucher benefits. Look for the yellow FMNP sign at vendors' tables to use your vouchers to purchase approved fruits and vegetables. Once you spend all of your WIC vouchers, bring the empty booklet to the Market’s Welcome Tent to redeem tokens (while supplies last).

Learn if you are eligible for the WIC/FMNP.

Meeting More and More Consumers Halfway

Our appetite for incentivizing healthy consumer changes is great. We continue to explore new ways to engage families. Through an innovative incentive campaign, Food for Families/Food for Seniors and WIC clinics distributed $10 market vouchers for use during a 3-month pilot in 2011, with the goal of changing nutritional behavior by involving everyone who sits at the family table—parents, grandparents, and children. Cross-generational customers from all over the city responded and attended the Market. In 2010, we launched a MarketMatch for BP-affected commercial fishing families in Louisiana and Mississippi.

We are grateful to generous support from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and Louisiana Healthcare Connections for making MarketMatch possible.