Spicy Shrimp Tacos

Shrimp tacos are delicious and, for those who observe Lent, approved for meatless Fridays! Check out this recipe from A Sweet Pea Chef to create your own. Pick up shrimp from Four Winds Seafood available at our Uptown, Ochsner, Bywater, Mid-City, Bucktown and Downtown markets. If you want to go all out, pair your tacos with a homemade pico de gallo with tomatoes from Tomott’s or Cajun Growers and onions from Indian Springs Co-op.

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Strawberry Orange Green Smoothie

Looking for a healthy way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Try this recipe for a green smoothie full of ingredients you can find at the market. Pick up your strawberries, citrus, and greens at all of our markets.

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Grilled Louisiana Drum

With Lent just around the corner, it’s time to start stockpiling fish recipes. And even if you don’t observe Lent, let us refresh your memory on how delicious (and nutritious!) fish can be, especially when it’s fresh and local and cooked right. Try this foolproof recipe for grilled Louisiana drum with a fresh filet from Pete and Clara’s Seafood, Anna Marie Seafood, or Des Allemands Outlaw Katfish available at Uptown, Downtown, Ochsner, and Bucktown markets.

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Rosemary Lemon Garlic Rutabaga Fries

We’re all about alternative vegetable fries! Toss them with olive oil and salt and bake in the oven to crispy perfection. This recipe calls for rutabaga, which you can pick up from Saturday Downtown vendor Lester Williams, but feel free to experiment with other seasonal produce. We recommend sweet potatoes, turnips, and beets. Let us know your favorites!

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Roasted Brussels Sprouts

This simple recipe for roasted Brussels sprouts is a healthy and delicious side for any meal. Local honey is the secret ingredient that will make these Brussels sprouts stand out! Purchase honey from Powers Beekeepers, Blue Tara, Burg’s Bees, or Country Girls, and pick up Brussels sprouts from Monica’s, available at our Tuesday Uptown, Thursday Mid-City, or Saturday Downtown locations.

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Yi Mein (Long Life Noodles)

Yi Mein, or Long Life noodles, is a festive Chinese dish that signifies longevity, prosperity and good luck. This dish is the perfect way to celebrate the Lunar New Year which took place last week. Pick-up mushrooms from Screaming Oaks farms at the Mid-City market to compliment this recipe, and get creative by adding chicken, tofu, herbs or extra veggies.

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Strawberry Milk

This recipe for strawberry milk from Smitten Kitchen tastes like a melted milkshake, and farm fresh milk and strawberries take this recipe to the next level. This treat is a sure bet with the little ones and will likely bring waves of nostalgia for the grow-ups, too. Grab your milk and buttermilk from T&R Dairy or Country Girl Creamery, plus some sweet strawberries from Johndale Farm, Mendez Farm, or Fletcher Farm or Faust Farm and whip up a batch.

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Garlic and Lemon Roasted Romanesco Cauliflower

Neon green, spiky, geometrically-intriguing Romanesco. You’ve seen it at the market, but do you know how to cook it? Romanesco, also sometimes called broccoflower, is a cultivar of cauliflower, so a member of the brassica family, along with broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, and kale. Despite its unusual shape, it can be cooked in the same way you would cook cauliflower - raw, blanched, boiled or roasted. Pick up a head from Perilloux Produce and try this quick and easy recipe with garlic and lemon to bring out all those delicious ea…

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Strawberry & Yogurt Parfait

If, for some reason, you need something to do with the first fresh fruit, sweet strawberries of the season besides pop them straight into your mouth, slice them up and add them to a cup of yogurt. You can find strawberries for the time being from Johndale Farm, Fletcher Farm, Faust Farm and Mendez Farm. Pick up fresh dairy yogurt from Country Girls Creamery, G&M Goat Farm, Brown Hat Farm or dairy-free coconut yogurt from South of Eden. Top with fresh-from-the-market granola from Windfield Farm, South of Eden, or Nut-N-Seedy for some added crunch. I know what I’m having for breakfast!

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One-pan Farro with Tomatoes

This one-pan farro with tomatoes recipe is SO easy and SO delicious, and makes a perfect healthy weeknight dinner. It is easily adaptable, too, so feel free to add whatever veggies or proteins you like. You might want to double the recipe-- the leftovers are just as good for lunch the next day. Grab a pint or two of colorful hydroponically-grown tomatoes from Tomotts or Cajun Growers or high tunnel grown tomatoes from Poche Family Farm and give it a try.

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