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Value-Added Female Vendors

AmandaAmanda’s Fruit Specialties

Meet Amanda of Amanda’s Fruit Specialties! Amanda has been bringing fresh juices and popsicles to the market for over 20 years! Growing up in Nicaragua, she ate fresh fruit like papaya, coconut, and mango daily. She wanted to bring those bright seasonal tastes to New Orleans, packing a punch in her juice and frozen fruit bars. Some of Amanda’s most famed specialties include peach lemonade, watermelon lime, ginger lemonade, and her avocado cream frozen fruit bar.

Buttery SpellButtery Spell

Meet Amanda and Nick, the owners and butter connoisseurs of Buttery Spell! Buttery Spell was started in August 2020 during the height of the pandemic. While Amanda was home attempting to stay sane in the midst of all the stress and craziness, their very first nut butter, Milk Chocolate Pecan, was born. A year later, the compounds were introduced! The first compound butter made was Shrimp Butter, now known as Cajun Butter, and it’s still around to this day. Buttery Spell makes their gourmet peanut butters and compound butters with love and intent, intentionally utilizing fresh ingredients and amazing flavor profiles with the goal of waking up your taste buds!

honestHonest Foods Company

Smaller batches mean better bread baked with quality ingredients (and lots of love). Irinia K., founder of Honest Foods Company, believes bread is the soul of every meal and it shows in her breads and scones. Originally from Ukraine and Belarus, Irina and Vlad came to the U.S. when they were just teenagers. What started out as a small hobby baking bread for her son has turned into a full-fledged business with a growing following at the Tuesday Uptown and Sunday City Park Markets! You can find their table flush with turnovers, challah, baguettes, focaccia, flatbreads and a myriad of other fresh-baked breads. 


Cat and Joost started JuiceSee in 2020, when healthy food accessibility was declining due to the uncertainty of the pandemic. They believe in the medicinal qualities of raw fruits and vegetables as vital support for the healing process and their daily health and wellness. In their humble beginnings, they felt a sense of purpose in serving their community by making fresh juices and smoothies to order on their friend's porch in the Bywater neighborhood. They were able to build their own juice and smoothie truck to bring their products to festivals and markets. “This business has been such a wild and incredible ride for our family, and we are so excited to see where it takes us next!”

PetitLA Best Kettlecorn

From farmers markets to local festivals, Louisiana's Best Kettlecorn has become synonymous with good times and great flavors. Husband and wife team, Amanda and Jairus, pop their kernels in small batches, using time-honored techniques to achieve that perfect balance of sweetness and saltiness that keep customers coming back for more. Follow the smell to find them at CCFM on Sundays or book them for your private event! 

latino snacksLatino Snacks

Latino Snacks joined the Thursday Mid-City market in December 2022, where they now offer a range of rich, flavor-packed Latin American snacks! Karen De Paz, Latino Snacks’ owner, wanted to combine snacks from Honduras and other countries to give New Orleans a taste of Latin America. A little over two years ago, her idea brought Latino Snacks to life! Some of the specialty snacks you can expect to find at market every week include Elote Loco (Crazy Corn), Tajadas, Mangonadas, and Honduran-style hot dogs topped with cabbage salad, jalapeños, homemade dressing, pickled onions, and now homemade tortillas! Visit Latino Snacks’ storefront at 2317 Veterans Blvd in Kenner or come visit them at the Thursday or Sunday markets!

leosLeo's Bread

Kate Heller first learned the art of baking in a small town in Maine and began by baking bread and pizzas for fun at home. She opened a bakery in Lompoc, California before moving to New Orleans in 2014. She brought her love of baking here, and we are so happy she did! Once slinging the flakiest croissants out of her trunk at the Mid-City market, Kate is a trailblazer. You can now find her or her helpers at all three markets with bagels, pizza, croissants, and fresh-baked whole loaves.

lav ieLa Vie En Rose

Meet Kirby Jones, the owner of La Vie En Rose! With deep roots in New Orleans Creole culture dating back to the 1800s, Kirby first fell in love with coffee when her grandmother, who lived across the street from the sugarcane fields in Lutcher, LA, handed her a cup of coffee and bunny bread to dip in it. Be sure to stop by La Vie En Rose’s table at the Sunday City Park Market and check out their cold brew and one-of-a-kind cakes and pastries!

botanicalsNola Botanical Tea

Portia Cooper started the company out of her own personal testimonials.Portia researched the benefits of tea and discovered that ginger root tea is known to help aid bloating and increase energy. However, the way that it’s sold in stores affects its medical properties. Nola Botanical Tea offers quali-tea loose/bottled teas as well as unbleached tea filters, wooden spoons, and blue agave sweetener. Their tea blends include Hibiscus, Elderberry, Chamomile, and Ginger Root tea. Each tea serves a unique purpose in helping you with different needs, and their unbleached tea filters/wooden spoons allow you to maintain the medicinal benefits of the tea without the unwanted toxins.

passion flourPassion Flour

Passion Flour is a team effort, with spouses Ryder, the baker, and Jade, the manager and cake decorator, working together to create something unique. Passion Flour is an innovative micro-bakery that creates delicious and visually-striking pastries, cakes, and drinks with an emphasis on tropical and local ingredients, carrying a healthy selection of vegan and gluten-free options. Find them at the Thursday Mid-City Market!

pickled nolaPickled NOLA

The New Orleans-based company Pickled NOLA LLC specializes in delicious homemade pickles. Jeremy Oatis, the founder of Pickled NOLA, is a Dean of Students, a Mardi Gras Indian, and a serious pickler. He first started making pickles four years ago to use up a surplus of home-grown cucumbers! Two years later, with the encouragement of friends and family, Pickled NOLA was born. Since then, Jeremy and Kimberly Oatis have expanded the offerings of Pickled NOLA to include an array of seasonal and locally-sourced pickled vegetables, including dill cucumber pickles, pickled green beans, and pickled garlic. Pickled NOLA provides a fresh, natural alternative to store-bought pickled products.

sassySassy Cajun Spices

Meet Sandra Smith of Sassy Cajun Spices! Sandra Smith brings us shrimp stew, boudin, and a bangin’ pre-made gumbo mix. Add water, vegetables, and your protein of choice, and boom–a bowlful of Southern comfort is ready in half an hour. Sassy Cajun Spices has been in the business for over ten years, selling gumbo mix, hand-mixed spice blends, and other savory treats like her best-selling jambalaya mix and five different cajun dips. The recipes have all come from the Pointe-Aux-Chenes tribe in Terrebonne Parish, of which Sandra and her mother are both members. Inspired by her grandparents, she continues to carry on the tradition they and the other tribe members have passed down by sharing their delicious methods with those who appreciate good ol’ Louisiana cooking. Catch Sandra at all three of our weekly markets!

thingssstuffThings 'n Stuff

Calling all jam and jelly lovers! With over 50 varieties of jams, jellies, and preserves, there is a flavor for everyone at Things ‘n Stuff’s table! Since her introduction to the Crescent City Farmers Market in 2018, Ms. Brenda has been spreading the love with jams and jellies ranging from blood orange jelly to crawfish boil pepper jelly to classic strawberry jam. Her table boasts a lovely display filled with rows of sweet and savory jams and jellies. Her fresh and delicious salsas and pickles are all made with locally sourced fruits and vegetables. Besides all the canned goods on her table, you’ll find an array of quilted bowl cozies, casserole covers, and tortilla warmers. Find Ms. Brenda, her daughter, and granddaughter along with all their specialty canned goods at Sunday market - the garlic pepper jelly is a must-try! 



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