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October 9, 2017

Orange you Glad Citrus is Coming!

Fresh & Local:

At this time every year, when we are most looking forward to a reprieve from summer fruit doldrums, we begin to see citrus come back to the market. It usually begins in October with a few bins of satsumas here and there, but you might see a few calamondin (bitter orange) or limes around, too. As we head into November, big fat navel oranges will start to appear along with those seedy and hard to peel but oh so juicy and appropriately named LA Sweets. Grapefruits in all shades - white, pink and red - will begin to appear and depending on the winter, may stick around through next spring. Lemons will begin to brighten every dish beginning in October as well. If we have another mild winter like the last two years, we should get a good crop of my personal favorite, those ruby striated beauties, the blood oranges - perfect both in flavor and aesthetics. These late bloomers usually don't appear til January and are only around for a month or so.

A heads up, satsuma season may be a short one this year due to natural ebbs and flows in citrus production - last year was a banner year for the crop, this year, the trees take a little break - so we're anticipating a later than usual start, and possibly earlier end as well. Our three primary citrus vendors, L'Hoste Citrus, A & K, and Star Nursery, all anticipate being at market by the end of the month, so keep your eyes peeled!

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Pick of the Week:

If you grew up in the south you are sure to recognize these purple-ish green bamboo stalks a mile a way. Sugarcane has found its way into our market via vendors like Indian Springs Farmers Cooperative Association and Peeps. While you can always cut it back and chew on the fibers for a refreshingly sweet pick-me-up, there are other means to consider. Sugarcane juice is a low calorie, high fiber drink loaded with nutrients to improve digestion, skin, and overall health. You can also use the tough fiber as a skewer to grill your favorite meat or veggies a la frequent restaurant shoppers, Marjie’s Grill. Make your own cane syrup or swizzle sticks - the extra effort is totally worth it!

pick of the week

pick of the week

Southbound Gardens Workshops
at the Market

Visit the Saturday market through October for a workshop series courtesy of Southbound Gardens. $15 suggested donation.

Saturday, Oct. 14: Veggie Growing Basics
Join us for this highly practical guide to get you started growing veggies in your garden for cheap. This class will focus on bed building, soil preparation, watering and plant selection.

Saturday, Oct. 21: Basics of Beekeeping
We will be showing you the tools for the job and teaching you all the most important steps to get your apiary started.

Saturday Oct. 28: Container Farming
Growing food in pots may not be ideal but sometimes it’s all us city dwellers have! Join us to learn insider tips on how to set up a successful container garden including appropriate containers, drainage, soil, fertilizer and more!

Moonlight Market

What a resounding success! With amazing dishes presented by some of the city's best restaurants, phenomenal drinks, and a super abundant silent auction, a great time was had by all at our fourth annual Moonlight Market fundraiser. We raised over $26k to fund our programs such as FMRx - the veggie prescription program, our WIC pilot program, and our Farm to School work, among others.

pick of the week

Special thanks to our sponsors and patrons: Iberia Bank, Stokes & Hubbell Capital Management, LLC, Jay & Avery Corenswet, KCT Real Estate Ventures, LLC, Laitram, LLC, Katie & Howell Crosby, Fidelity Bank, Monique & Bob McCleskey, Prime Time Business Solutions, LLC, Katie & Carl Rosenblum, Shaw & Ann Thompson, Uptown Audio Productions, The Wine Group,, Mac & Ellen Ball, Margaret & Ken Beer, Sheila & James Favrot, Allison & George Freeman, Mizell Farms, Cathy & Hunter Pierson, Pret a Fete, River Parish Disposal, Ralph Brennan Restaurant Group, Meredith & Kenneth Saer, Tommy & Sarah Usdin, Touro Infirmary, Kathleen & Charlie Van Horn, Kathleen Bandhu, Mr. & Mrs. Christian T. Brown, Elise & Jean Dabezies, Seth Harris & Julie Schwam Harris, Joseph Kimbrell, Patricia Krebs, Lasky Murphy, LLC, Mark & Mindy Mayer, Danielle Paciera, John Pope, Swati Shaw, Denise St. Pierre, Peter Trapolin, Marianne Thompson, Thomas Moies & Kathryn Wiedorn, David Baker, Tac & Caroline Crosby, Donald Faust, Jr., Scott & Janet Howard, Jaryd Kase, Danielle Kerani, American Can Company, CRUCIAL, Inc., The Domain Companies, Donner-Peltier Distillers, French Market Corporation, The Louisiana Weekly, The New Orleans Advocate, Pal's Lounge, Pearl Wine Co., Popefish, Premium Parking, River Parish Disposal, Robert Fresh Market, Tulane University, Urban South Brewery, Whole Foods Market, and WWNO.

We'll see you all next year, or sooner at the market!

vendor of the week

Vendor of the Week:
James Farm

The stormy summer has caused a three week delay to their return, but we welcome back to the Saturday market Prairie Ronde Rice from James Farm! After waiting for the fields to dry out enough to get into and harvest, the new crop of "light brown" long grain rice is dried, milled and packaged. Interesting fact about our favorite Saturday grain vendor, they were so fed up with quality degradation from using other mills, they built their own on site and calibrated it so that the most bran is left intact while still allowing it to be considered white rice, hence the term "light brown". So you still get much of the nutritional benefits of a brown rice, but with the longer shelf life of white rice.

Tuesday’s Green Plate Special:
La Monita Pop Up

Simple, delicious Colombian inspired food made from locally sourced ingredients and a whole lot of love. Arepas, plantains, tropical fruits and everything in between inspired by a monita’s (Colombian slang for blond girl) culinary journey through the amazing country. Catch them around New Orleans, popping up at awesome local businesses. Enjoy and be transported…¡Qué rico! Check them out here!

Green Plate Special Vendor

recipe of the week

Recipe of the Week:
How to Cut Sugarcane

Giant stalks of sugarcane can be intimidating to the home chef. Follow this tutorial to learn how to cut, peel, and prepare sugarcane. Cut thin to use as a skewer or swizzle stick!

What’s your favorite dish to make after visiting the Crescent City Farmers Market? Share your recipes with us on Instagram or Facebook or even Twitter and it might be featured in our weekly newsletter!

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